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Biological Monitoring

Biological monitoring is a way of assessing chemical exposures by measuring the chemical or its breakdown products in a biological sample (usually urine, blood or breath). Biological monitoring is particularly useful where chemicals can be significantly absorbed through the skin and where controls rely upon the use of personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks.

Why do Biological Monitoring?

Biological monitoring has a number of roles in exposure assessment.  Our case studies illustrate some of the situations where it has been useful.

  • To check that control measures are working
  • To check that work practices are protective
  • To check that training is understood and followed

An image of a man in a protective plastic suit holding up his visor. A quote states '96% sprayers knew they should not lift their visors but 40% admitted to doing so. North East Paint Sprayer Survey'.

How to do Biological Monitoring: Practical Advice / Interpreting Results / Bespoke Services

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