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Latest service changes

Please find our updated assay and price list for 2019-20 here.  We have tried to minimise price increases as much as possible.


Significant changes:



It is important that only the isocyanates in use in the workplace are requested or analysis.  We are happy to advise which isocyanates to monitor if safety datasheets are provided (email them).  Most products do not contain more than two different isocyanates so we are now making an additional charge for more than two isocyanates in one analysis.



Acetamiprid is a crop protection product belonging to the neonicotinoid class of pesticides. As a relatively new product, there is limited scientific knowledge available on exposures. We have developed a reliable method, able to quantify acetamiprid and its metabolite in urine at sufficiently low levels. Working with a number of clients, we have a dataset for optimum sampling time (relative to exposure) and we are beginning to build up data for typical levels arising from exposure scenarios.

Blood Lead and cadmium

In order to maintain a competitively priced service for these assays, we are extending our turnaround time from 5 working days from receipt to 10 working days.  For planned monitoring, we hope that this change will not adversely impact or inconvenience you.  In addition, haemoglobin and ZPP will no longer be UKAS accredited tests once our current accreditation expires (May 2019).  Lead and cadmium measurements will continue to be UKAS accredited.



We continue to offer up to three named solvents for a single analysis price but there are some minor changes.  Urine is now offered as the default sample media (except for tetrachloroethene); breath analysis can be offered but is less quanitative for some solvents.  Toluene in urine is charged separately from other urine solvents.  Blood analysis is not offered routinely except for tetrachloroethene.  A solvent screen is only offered in breath.



Due to reduced demand, the available cytotoxic assays have been restricted to platinum (as a generic marker for platino-drugs), cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide.



We are pleased to announce that acrylonitrile monitoring, measuring the mercapturic acid metabolite in urine, is now available.  If required, both acrylamide and acrylonitrile can be analysed for a combined price.


Online ordering

In order to minimise price rises, we are encouraging online ordering and payment for smaller numbers of samples.  Currently online ordering is available for arsenic speciation, blood lead and cadmium, urine chromium and nickel, urine isocyanates, blood cholinesterase, urine fluoride and urine MbOCA with isocyanates analyses.


We look forward to providing a high quality analytical service to you in the coming year.  As ever, if there are analyses that do not appear on the list that you are interested in, please contact Sample Registration.

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