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UK Explosives Approved Body (UK-EAB)

The GB Explosives Notified Body (ENB) was replaced on 1 January 2021 by the UK Explosives Approved Body (UK-EAB). From that date, certification of explosives for import and sale in GB has been carried out by UK-EAB following UK regulations.

As outlined by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on 14 November 2022, European CE marks issued by EU Notified Bodies will continue to be recognised in GB now until 31 December 2024.

The UK government has introduced new legislation that will allow businesses to continue to place compliant CE marked civil use explosive products on the GB market until 11 pm on 31 December 2024.

This will provide businesses placing goods on the GB market, with flexibility to use the UKCA or CE marking until 31 December 2024.

In addition, new legislation will be introduced that will allow you (manufacturers) to use your CE certificate (for products that have been conformity assessed by an EU-recognised Conformity Assessment Body) before 11 pm on 31 December 2024, as a basis to declare that your existing product types are compliant with UKCA requirements.

Your product must undergo conformity assessment with the UK Explosives Approved Body in time for when your CE certificate expires or by 31 December 2027 whichever is sooner.


The UK Explosives Approved Body (UK-EAB) offers an independent, specialised technical service in the assessment and certification (UKCA and UK(NI)-marking) of explosives.

UK-EAB operates within the Health and Safety Executive under the Explosives Regulations 2014 (as amended) that lay down safety requirements and transfer arrangements for:

  • blasting explosives
  • detonating cords
  • detonators
  • propellants

The Explosives Regulations 2014 (as amended) do not cover military explosives.

Assessment and Certification

The following links give more information on assessment and certification:


Lists of certificates

Lists of UKCA and UK(NI) Certificates issued, withdrawn and suspended (Quality Module not renewed) along with Quality Modules issued with expiry dates are contained in an Excel spreadsheet [xlsx, 18 kB].

The list is fully searchable and can be sorted and filtered as required.

Please note:

  • The list is updated whenever there are significant changes.
  • If you are in doubt whether a Certificate or Approval to Affix the UKCA/UK(NI) Mark is still valid, please contact us for clarification using the details found in further information.

There are NO UK-issued CE marks valid in the UK.

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