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Biological Monitoring Kits

Welcome to our online ordering system for biological monitoring sample kits and analysis.  On completion of your online order, the relevant sample kits, packaging and paperwork will be sent to you - simply collect the samples and return to HSE Science and Research Centre for analysis.  Please note: the name and address used in this system will be used as the delivery address for kits and result reports.  The requestor is responsible for obtaining informed consent from workers and for communicating the results, observing the personal data nature of those results.

These kits are designed for use by employers and occupational health providers, not individuals.

We offer a comprehensive testing service outside of what is currently available online.  Please see our full price list. To order kits for these tests, please email

Isocyanate Analysis

Metals/Inorganics Analysis

Organics (solvents, PAHs) Analysis

Blood sampling kits can only be provided to occupational health providers - Sample Registration will provide a weblink on request. Online ordering for blood tests includes blood cadmium, blood lead, lead and cadmium combined and blood cholinesterase (for organophosphate pesticides).