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Health at Work

Managing health at work needn't be any more complicated or costly than managing safety, yet when it comes to prioritising risk, health usually takes second place.

There is much that we can - and should - do to prevent work related ill health and its impact upon employees, their loved ones, their workplace and, ultimately, wider society.


COPD and silicosis are still too commonly caused by harmful workplace exposures.

Furthermore, up to 80% of new work-related conditions reported in 2014/15 were attributable to musculosleletal disorders (MSDs), stress, depression or anxiety.

It's time to focus on health at work.

Reducing the costs of workplace ill health

Often, and for valid reasons, it can be difficult to be sure that you're managing risks to health as effectively as you manage safety risks; yet both are equally important.

HSL can help you to reduce the human, financial and productivity costs to your business caused by staff absences due to ill health.

Our Occupational Health experts will work with you onsite to identify any health risks and show you how improvements can be made to better protect your employees.

We'll look at your current Health and Safety policy, let you know its strengths and weaknesses and point out any areas that need attention. This will help you to manage health risks more effectively and meet the requirements of health and safety regulations.

How your business benefits from managing health risks

With HSL's help to assess and manage your workplace health risks you'll benefit from:

  • knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your health risk controls
  • fewer instances of unplanned downtime
  • sustained business performance and productivity
  • lower rates of illness-related staff absence
  • a reduced likelihood of compensation claims for work related ill health
  • assurance of good health management across your organisation, even if multi-site or international
  • the enhanced reputation of a business that takes employee health seriously

Taking a proactive, balanced approach to the management of health and safety at work, in which each is given equal priority, is the only way to ensure that all workers are protected from both preventable injuries and illnesses.

To get started, why not let our experts spend a day with your business, giving you clear insight into your health risk management performance and where to go next.

For more information and help with assessing and managing health issues in your workplace, please contact:

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