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DSE Assessments and Healthy Working

Prolonged use of computer workstations and display screen equipment (DSE) can lead to neck, shoulder, back or arm pain, along with stress, fatigue and temporary eyestrain.

These disorders can be avoided if DSE assessments are carried out, equipment is set up correctly and good practice is applied.

'Healthy Working', developed jointly by HSE and Cardinus Risk Management Ltd. (, is the preferred DSE assessment and management solution of many of the world's leading organisations, including FTSE 250 and Fortune 100 businesses.

This award-winning, fully customiseable DSE e-learning software gives each employee the information they need to use DSE safely and enables self-assessment, encouraging behaviours that help to prevent DSE discomfort or injury.

DSE assessments: the business benefits

As DSE is now one of the most commonly used types of work equipment, HSE introduced The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to protect the health of those who work with DSE.

Proactively managing your organisation's DSE assessments with 'Healthy Working' and DSE Assessor training from HSE helps not only to ensure that your business meets the requirements of the regulations, but also benefits your business by:

  • improving the health, wellbeing and morale of employees
  • sustaining productivity as a result of reduced sickness absence
  • minimising the likelihood of compensation claims for upper limb disorders (ULD)
  • reducing administration costs
  • encouraging positive behaviour and the adoption of DSE good practice
  • contributing to an improved organisational safety culture


How 'Healthy Working' works

'Healthy Working' takes a three-step approach to minimising your DSE risk, using:

  1. Ergonomics e-learning and self-assessment
    Each employee receives e-learning that targets their individual needs. Expert content devised by HSE supports compliance and encourages measureable behaviour change, whilst the system's integrated DSE self-assessment provides tailored feedback.
  2. User engagement
    'Healthy Working' features interactive content including video-based stretching exercises, smartphone apps, hot-desking advice and real-time feedback to encourage each employee's proactive participation in DSE assessment and management.
  3. Hassle-free DSE programme management
    'Healthy Working' boasts a unique and powerful management module (called PACE) which provides a secure database, powerful workflow and task management tools and detailed reporting capabilities. This makes managing your DSE assessment programme easy, irrespective of the size or nature of your organisation.

Find out more about DSE assessment with 'Healthy Working' or arrange a FREE evaluation for your business by emailing HSE Human Factors Solutions now.

DSE Assessor training from HSE

'Healthy Working' is complemented by HSE's Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Management training.

This essential course, delivered by experienced HSE ergonomists, will provide you with an understanding of DSE risks, an approach to risk management,  and with the necessary documentation to provide your employer with risk assessments.

The course covers the key elements for office DSE risk assessment and management and provides the information and techniques required to enable those with little or no prior experience of DSE risk management to become a DSE assessor.  We also discuss risk management for less common DSE issues such as hot-desking and dual screens, and mobile technology such as tablet PCs, smartphones and laptops.

For more details or to arrange your DSE assessor training, please see our course page or email us:

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