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Complete Worker Health

noravirusPreventing occupational ill health is a key focus for HSE. Many more workers become ill from occupational health issues than ever die from workplace accidents.

However, the health challenges in workplaces are many and varied. Their long latency can make them appear difficult to identify and manage and the health of the working population is not solely related to workplace conditions.

That said, these are not reasons to do nothing.

Not only is it a legal requirement to protect the health of your workers, improving your management of worker health and wellbeing also brings tangible business benefits and protects your most important asset: your reputation.

Although protecting the health and wellbeing of workers makes sound business sense, we often find that organisations don't know where to begin or are wasting money on ineffective health initiatives.

As the governments' chief occupational health adviser, we have expertise in the causes of work-related ill health and the measures which can prevent or minimise it.

We work with organisations to help them understand and improve the health risk management of their workers, helping them apply the hierarchy of control to distinguish between what they must, should and could do.

Our Complete Worker Health Solutions

Let our experts help you take an empowered approach to managing health.

Our Complete Worker Health approach offers an impartial overview of your health strategy. We will work with you to provide the tools and knowledge you need to devise a tailored, sustainable plan that will lead your organisation towards health risk management excellence.

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