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Health and Hygiene Testing

AsbestosUsing our scientific services, we can help you solve complex ill-health problems, and understand the risks in all workplaces. We specialise in the difficult, hard-to-solve problems in industries such as food processing, chemicals, manufacturing, transport and waste management.

We analyse and assess a wide range of harmful exposures, and our experts are internationally recognised in their fields. This can provide you with practical, tailored solutions to minimise or remove your workplace exposure risks.

We regularly provide insights, event invitations, articles and resources through a free HSE Testing and Monitoring: Occupational Health and Hygiene e-bulletin service.

  • Analytical Chemistry Services

    To help you to assess your control measures protecting against occupational exposure to potentially harmful chemicals in the workplace.

  • Allergen and Enzyme Testing

    To help you to assess the efficacy of your control measures in protecting against exposure to major allergens in the workplace.

  • Asbestos and Fibres Testing

    We can offer substantial expertise in asbestos and other fibres (e.g. refractory ceramic fibres), nanoparticles and minerals.

  • Biological Monitoring

    Biological monitoring is particularly useful where chemicals can be significantly absorbed through the skin and where controls rely upon the use of personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks.

  • Microbiology Testing

    Our Microbiology Service can help you assess the risks from exposure to microorganisms or materials that may contain microorganisms.

  • Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) Testing

    Our PPE specialists can help you to choose the correct RPE for the job.

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