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Publications 2010

Journal Papers

ASHLEY, K., BRISSON, M.J., HOWE, A.M. Interlaboratory evaluation of a standardized inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry method for the determination of trace elements in air filter samples: preliminary results. Analytical Methods, Aug 2010, 2(11), 1823-1826.

BARBER, C.M., FRANK, T., WALSH, K., BURTON, C., BRADSHAW, L.M., FISHWICK, D. Knowledge and utilisation of occupational asthma guidelines in primary care. Respiratory Primary Care Journal, Sept. 2010, 19(3), 274-280.

BARTLES, M., LOIZOU, G., PRICE, P., SPENDIFF, M., ARNOLD, S., COCKER, J., BALL, N. Development of PK and PBPK-based modeling tools for derivation of biomonitoring guidance values. Toxicology Letters, 2010, 196 S42

BELL, D., CLODE, S., QI FAN, M., FERNANDES, A., FOSTER, P., JIANG, T., LOIZOU, G., MACNICOLL, A., MILLER, B., ROSE, M., TRAN, L., WHITE, S. Interpretation of studies on the developmental reproductive toxicology of 2378- tetrachloro-p-dioxin in male offspring. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 48, 1439-1447.

BUTLER, O.T., CAIRNS, W., COOK , J.M., DAVIDSON, C.M. Atomic spectrometry update. Environmental analysis. Journal of Atomic Spectrometry, Feb. 2010, 25(2), 103-141.

BUTLER, O. T., EVANS, H., FISHER, A., HILL, S., HARRINGTON, C.F., WEST, M., ELLIS, A. Atomic spectrometry updates: a twenty-five year retrospective. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 25(10), 1546-1566.

CAMARGO, C.A., INGHAM, T., WICKENS, K., THADHANI, R.I., SILVERS, K.M., EPTON, M.J., TOWN, G.I., ESPINOLA, J.A., CRANE, J., and NEW ZEALAND ASTHMA AND ALLERGY COHORT STUDY GROUP (INCL FISHWICK D) Vitamin D Status of Newborns in New Zealand. British Journal of Nutrition, 2010, 104(7), 1051-1057

CHAPMAN, D., DENNIS, S., JOYCE, B., DONALDS, A.C., SIME, M.J.C. UK Fireworks surveillance for compliance with ADR and the UN default classification of fireworks. Journal of Pyrotechnics, Jun. 2010, 29, 40-46.

CHAPMAN, D., HOWARD, K. Defining flash compositions: modifications to UN time/pressure test. Journal of Pyrotechnics, May 2010, 29, 32-39.

COGGON, D., HARRIS, E.C., BROWN, T., RICE, S., PALMER, K.T. Occupation and mortality related to alcohol, drugs and sexual habits. Occupational Medicine, 2010, 60(5), 348-353.

COGGON, D., HARRIS, E.C., BROWN, T., RICE, S., PALMER, K.T. Work-related mortality in England and Wales, 1979-2000. Occupational Medicine, 2010, 60(5), 816-822.

CROOK, B., BURTON, N. Indoor moulds, sick building syndrome and building related illness. Fungal Biology Reviews, 2010, 24, 106-113

FISHWICK, D., BARRACLOUGH, R., PICKERING, T., FLETCHER, A., LEWIS, R., NIVEN, R., and WARBURTON, C.J. Comparison of Various Airflow Measurements in Symptomatic Textile Workers. Occupational Medicine, Dec. 2010, 60(8), 631-634

FISHWICK, D., BARBER, C., DARBY, A. Review series: Occupational and environmental lung disease: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the workplace. Chronic Respiratory Disease, May 2010, 7(3), 113-122.

FISHWICK, D., BARRACLOUGH, R., PICKERING, T., FLETCHER, A., LEWIS, R., NIVEN, R., WARBURTON, C.J. Comparison of various airflow measurements in symptomatic textile workers. Occupational Medicine, Dec 2010, 60(8), 631-4

GANT, S. E. "Axisymmetric buoyant fair-field plumes" Underlying Flow Regime 1-06, ERCOFTAC QNET-CFD Online Knowledge Base,

GANT, S.E. Reliability issues of LES-related approaches in an industrial context. Flow, Turbulence and Combustion, March 2010 84(2), 325-335.

HARDING, A. H., DARNTON, A. Asbestosis and mesothelioma among British asbestos workers (1971-2005). American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Nov 2010, 53(11), 1070-1080.

HARTLEY, W., DICKINSON, N.D., RIBY, P., LEESE, E. MORTON, J., LEPP, N. Arsenic mobility and speciation in a contaminated urban soil is affected by different methods of green waste compost application. Environmental Pollution, Dec 2010, 158(12), 3560-3570.

HAWKSWORTH, S.J., PRITCHARD, D., HODGES, J., PARROT, R., WHITE, G., MELLOR, T.  ICL Plastics investigation, Glasgow, May 2004. Loss Prevention Bulletin, Jun. 2010, 213,15-19.

HODGSON, R., THYER, A., CONNOLLY, S. Investigation of the flammability hazard posed by aqueous glycol fluids. Loss Prevention Bulletin, Jun. 2010, 213, 8-11.

HOLMES, T., CONNOLLY, S., WILDAY, J., HARE, J., WALSH, P. Managing fire and explosion hazards on offshore ageing installations, Loss Prevention Bulletin, 214, August 2010, 10-17

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JONES, K., PATEL, K., COCKER, J., BEVAN, R., LEVY, L. Determination of ethylenethiourea in urine by liquid chromatography-atmosphere pressure chemical ionisation -mass spectrometry for monitoring background levels in the general population. Journal of Chromatography B, 1 Oct 2010, 878(27), 2563-6.

LOIZOU, G. and MCNALLY, K. Sensitivity Analysis of PBPK Models Toxicology Letters, 2010, 196(Supplement 1), S98

MANNO, M., VIAU, C., in collaboration with, COCKER, J., COLOSIO, C., LOWRY, L., MUTTI, A., NORDBERG, M., WANG, S. Biomonitoring for occupational health risk assessment (BOHRA), Toxicology Letters,  15 Jan 2010, 192(1), 3-16.

MOONIS, M., WILDAY, A.J., WARDMAN, M.J. Semi-quantitative risk assessment of commercial scale supply chain of hydrogen fuel and implications for industry and society. Process Safety and Environmental Protection. March 2010, 88(2), 97-108.

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PATEL, J. Noise emission data for hand-held concrete breakers. Acoustics Bulletin, Mar 2010, 35(2), 19-24.

PENSIS, I., MAREELS, J., DAHMANN, D., MARK, D. Comparative evaluation of the dustiness of industrial minerals according to European Standard EN15051, 2006. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, March 2010, 54(2), 204-16.

ROBERTS, T.A., SHIRVILL, L.S., WATERTON, K., BUCKLAND, I. Fire resistance of passive fire protection coatings after long-term weathering, Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Jan 2010, 88(1), 1-19.

RUSHTON, L., BAGGA, S., BEVAN, R., BROWN, T.P., CHERRIE, J.W., HOLMES, P., FORTUNATO, L., SLACK, R., VAN TONGEREN, M., YOUNG, C., HUTCHINGS, S.J. Occupation and cancer in Britain. British Journal of Cancer, 2010, 102, 1428-1437.

RUSS, K. Risk assessment in the UK health and safety system: theory and practice. Safety and Health at Work, 2010, 1, 11-18.

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SAUNDERS, C.J., POCOCK, D., CARTER, G. Controlling gas shielded arc welding fumes using an on-gun extraction system. International Journal of Ventilation, 2010, 9(1), 77-82. (Originally published as a conference paper - 9th International Conference on Industrial Ventilation, Oct 18-21, 2009)

SAVOLAINEN, K. P.,NORPPA, H., FALCK, G., LINDBERG, H., TUOMI, T., VIPPOLA, M., ALENIUS,H., HAMERI, K., KOIVISTO, J., BROUWER, D., MARK, D., BARD, D., BERGES, M., JANKOWSKA, E., POSNIAK, M., FARMER, P., SINGH, R., KROMBACH, F., BIHARI, P., KASPER, G., SEIPENBUSCH, M. Nanotechnologies, engineered nanomaterials and occupational health and safety - A review. . Safety Science, 2010, 48(8), 957-963. 4th International Conference on Working on Safety, Crete, 30 Sep - 3 Oct, 2008.

SAW, J-L, WILDAY, J., HARTE, H. Learning organisations for major hazards and the role of the regulator. Process Safety and Environmental Protection, Jul. 2010, 88(4), 236-242.

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TAN, E., WARREN, N., DARNTON, A.J., HODGSON, J.T. Projection of mesothelioma mortality in Britain using Bayesian methods. British Journal of Cancer, 13 Jul 2010, 103(3), 430-436.

TURNER, S., MCNAMEE, R., ROBERTS, C., BRADSHAW, L., CURRAN, A. FRANCIS, S., FISHWICK, D., AGIUS, R. Agreement in diagnosing occupational asthma by occupational and respiratory physicians who report to surveillance schemes for work-related ill-health. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Jul. 2010, 67(7), 471-478.

VAN DE VEN, P, FRANSMAN, W., SCHINKEL, J.M., RUBINGH, C., WARREN, N., TIELEMANS, E. Stoffenmanager exposure model: company specific exposure assessments using a Bayesian Methodology. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, Apr. 2010, 7(4) 216-223.

VAN DUUREN-STUURMAN, B., PELZER, J., MOEHLMANN, C., BERGES, M., BARD, D., WAKE, D., JANKOWSKA, E., BROUWER, D. A structure observational method to assess dermal exposure to manufactured nanoparticles - DREAM as an initial assessment tool. International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health 2010, 16, 339-405.

WEBBER, D.M, IVINGS, M.J. Modelling Bund Overtopping Using Shallow Water Theory. Journal of Loss Prevention, 2010, 23(5), 662-667.

ZANARDI, F., HARRIS, C.E., BROWN, T., RICE, S., PALMER, K.T., COGGON, D. Work-related mortality in England and Wales, 1979-2000. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Dec 2010, 67(12), 816-822.

Conference Papers

ATKINSON, G., CUSCO, L. Unsteady deflagration of large low lying vapour cloud. 6th International Seminar on Fires and Explosions: unsteady deflagration of low-lying vapour clouds, University of Leeds, UK, 11-16 April, 2010.

BRADSHAW, L., FISHWICK, D., TILL, S., DARBY, A., BURTON, C., HARRIS-ROBERTS, J., CURRAN, A. The personal impact of occupational asthma. Towards Better Work and Wellbeing. International Conference, Helsinki, 12-12 February 2010, 48.

BUTLER, C., LEKKA, C., and SUGDEN, C. Development of a Process Safety Climate Tool. Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Centre International Symposium, Beyond Compliance, Making Safety Second Nature, Texas, USA, 26-28 October 2010

FERREIRA, J., GRAY, M, BIRTLES, M.  A practical inspection tool for assessment of repetitive tasks of the upper limb (ART). 7th International Conference on Prevention of Work-Related Mucoloskeletal Disorders, Angers, France, 29 Aug -2 Sept 2010, 90.

FISHWICK, D., LUNT, J., CURRAN, A.D, TRAINOR, M. Wellbeing and work: A perspective from 8 European countries on common areas of understanding, national drivers for progress, and research needs. Towards Better Work and Wellbeing. International Conference, Helskinki, 12-12 February 2010, 118. (link to document)

GAUTHIER, F., CHINNIAH, Y., HEALEY, N., STACEY, N., MOULET, F. A comparative analysis of risk estimation tools for industrial machines. Safety of Industrial Automated Systems - 6th International Conference SIAS 2010, Tampere Hall, Finland, 14-15 June 2010.

HARDING, A.-H., FROST, G., DARNTON, A., and OSMAN, J. Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Among British Asbestos Workers. Occupational Hygiene 2010, Harrogate, UK, 27 Apr. 2010

HEWITT, S. Triaxial measurements of the performance of anti-vibration gloves. 45th Annual Conference on Human Response to Vibration, Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Gosport, UK, 6-8 September 2010.

HUNWIN, G., THORPE, S., HALLAS, K. Improvements to the EN slip resistance test for footwear. Ergonomics Society 2010 Annual Conference Keele University, UK, 13-15 Apr 2010. In: Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010, 471-479, ISBN 978-0-415-58446-3.

JONES, A., MONNINGTON, S. Entrapment and falls from the use of bedrails; identifying key risk factors, recommendations to reduce the risk and a need for further guidance. Ergonomics Society 2010 - Annual Conference Keele University, UK, 13-15 Apr 2010, In: Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010, 243-252, ISBN 978-0-415-58446-3.

MCNALLY, K., TAN, E, WARREN, N.D., HEYS, G., MARSDEN, B. A statistical analysis of the mechanical properties of PGA graphite samples taken from Magnox nuclear reactors. Securing the Safe Performance of Graphite Reactor Cores, University of Nottingham, UK, 24th-26th November 2008, 95-102. Royal Society of Chemistry, ISBN: 978-1-84755-913-5.

OKUNRIBIDO, O. An ergonomics assessment of post-manufacture guarding for production machinery. Safety of Industrial Automated Systems - 6th International Conference SIAS 2010, Tampere Hall, Finland, 14-15 June 2010.

OKUNRIBIDO, O., LEWIS, D. Is age/ageing a risk factor for work-related musculoskeletal disorders? A literature review. Ergonomics Society 2010 - Annual Conference Keele University, UK, 13-15 Apr 2010, In: Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010, 27-35, ISBN 978-0-415-58446-3.

OKUNRIBIDO, O., LEWIS, D. Work-related lower limb musculoskeletal disorders - a review of the literature.  Ergonomics Society 2010 - Annual Conference Keele University, UK, 13-15 Apr 2010, In: Contemporary Ergonomics and Human Factors 2010, 33-341, ISBN 978-0-415-58446-3.

PALTRINIERI, N., COZZANI, V. Atypical major hazard scenarios and their inclusion in risk analysis and safety assessments. ESREL 2010 Annual Conference, Rhodes, Greece, 5-8 Sept 2010.

PALTRINIERI, N., WARDMAN, M. DECHY, N., SALZANO, E., COZZANI, V. Towards a checklist for identification of atypical event scenarios. 2nd iNTeg-Risk Conference: New Technologies and Emerging Risks, Stuttgart, Germany, June 14-18 2010.

PITTS, P. Evaluation of candidates for additional frequency weightings for hand-arm vibration measurement. 45th Annual Conference on Human Response to Vibration, Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Gosport, UK, 6-8 September 2010.

PITTS, P. Evaluation of candidates for additional frequency weightings for hand-arm vibration measurement. 4th Conference Human Vibration, Society for Product and Process Design, Wuezburg, Germany, 3rd-4th May.

ROYLE, M., WILLOUGHBY, D., HOOKER, P., GUMMER, J., UDENSI, J. Self ignition of hydrogen by various mechanisms, World Hydrogen Energy Conference, Essen, Germany, 16 -21 May 2010.

SAW, J-L, WARDMAN, M., HOLMES, A., RESTON, S. Societal risk representation for effective risk communication. 13th International Symposium on Loss Prevention, Brugge, Belgium, 6th-9th June 2010, Vol. 1, 177-184.

SCHLEYER, G., UNDERWOOD, N., DALZELL, G., STACEY, N. Major hazards management  - a finishing module for undergraduate engineers on how to manage risk. EE2010 Engineering Education Conference 2010, Aston University, Birmingham, UK, 6-8 July 2010.

SHUTER, D., BILIO, M., WILDAY, J., MURRAY, L., WHITBREAD, R. Safety issues and research priorities for CCS systems and infrastructure. International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies (GHGT-10), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 19-23 September 2010.

SHUTER, D.M., WILDAY, A.J., BILIO, M., KENNY, L. Clean coal technology (CCT) and carbon capture and storage (CCS) - the value and scope of health and safety considerations in project development, initiation and operation. The 8th European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications: ECCRIA 8, Leeds, 6-8 September 2010.

SNEE, T.J., MONTSERRAT, J.R. Assessment of the critical conditions for slow oxidation and autoignition in large process vessels. 13th International Symposium on Loss Prevention, Brugge, Belgium, 6th-9th June 2010.

Conference Abstracts

GERVAIS, R., WEYMAN, A., and WILLIAMSON, J. Employee Interactions With the Public: a Work Stressor and an Influence on Sickness Absence Patterns. The 4th International ICOH-WOPs Work Organisation and Psychosocial Factors (WOPS) of the International Commission on Occupation Health (ICDH) Conference "The Changing World of Work".VU University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2010

BALDWIN, P. Implementation of Personal Sampling in UK Coal Mines. Occupational Hygiene 2010, Harrogate, UK, 2010, Keynote Presentation 9a

BURDETT, G. and BARD, D. Executive Monitoring Engineered Nanomaterials in the Workplace. Occupational Hygiene 2010, Harrogate, UK, 2010

EASTERBROOK, A. A Convenient Method of Parallel Task-based and Long-Term Pumped Sampling. Occupational Hygiene 2010, Harrogate, UK ,2010, Keynote Presentation 6c

Book Chapters

BALMFORTH, H., MCMANUS, H., and FOWLER, A. Use of a National Population Database to Aid Major Hazard Modelling and Risk. In: Estimation Risks Challenging Publics, Scientists and Governments. CRC Press, 2010, 978-0415580724, 119-122

COCKER, J. and MASON, H. Biological Monitoring. In: Hunter's Disease of Occupation, Hodder Arnold, 2010, 978-0340941669, 56-73

MCNALLY, K., TAN, E., WARREN, N.D., HEYS, G., and MARSDEN, B. A Statistical Analysis of the Mechanical Properties of PGA Graphite Samples Taken From Magnox Nuclear Reactors. In: Securing the Safe Performance of Graphite Reactor Cores, RSC, 2010, 978-1847559135, 95-102

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