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Publications 2006

Journal Papers

BARRACLOUGH, R., NAYLOR, S., HARRIS-ROBERTS, J., STOCKS, M., GARROD, A., RAWBONE, R., BARBER, C. M., CURRAN, A. D., FISHWICK, D. Bakers' knowledge of the health risks posed by flour dust in relation to work related respiratory symptoms. Thorax, 61, II17-II17.

BARRACLOUGH, R. M., WALKER, J., HAMILTON, N., FISHWICK, D., CURRAN, A. D. Sensitization to king scallop (Pectin maximus) and queen scallop (Chlamys opercularis) proteins. Occupational Medicine-Oxford, 56, 63-66.

BOOCOCK, M. G., WEYMAN, A. K., MCILROY, R. Bedside safety rails: assessment of strength requirements and the appropriateness of current designs. Ergonomics, 49, 631-650.

BOOCOCK, M. G., HASLAM, R. A., LEMON, P.,THORPE, S. Initial force and postural adaptations when pushing and pulling on floor surfaces with good and reduced resistance to slipping. Ergonomics, 49, 801-821.

BOGDANOVIC, J., WOUTERS, I. M., SANDER, I., RAULF-HEIMSOTH, M., ELMS, J., RODRIGO, M.J., HEEDERIK, D.J.J., DOEKES, G. Airborne exposure to wheat allergens measurement by human immunoglobulin G immunoassays. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 36, 1168-1175

BOGDANOVIC, J., WOUTERS, I. M., SANDER, I., ZAHRADNIK, E., HARRIS-ROBERTS, J., RODRIGO, M. J., GOMEZ-OLLES, S., HEEDERIK, D. J. J., DOEKES, G. Airborne exposure to wheat allergens: optimised elution for airborne dust samples. Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 8, 1043-1048.

BOLEY, N., VAN DER VEEN, A. M. H., ROBOUCH, P., GOLZE, M., VAN DE KREEKE, J., ORNEMARK, U., TYLEE, B. Comparability of PT schemes - what did we learn from COEPT? Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 11, 391-399.

BOLSOVER, J., RAJAN-SITHAMPARANADARAJAH, B., VAUGHAN, N. Workplace protection of air-fed visors used in paint spraying operations. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 219-229.

BOXALL, A. B. A., JOHNSON, P., SMITH, E. J., SINCLAIR, C. J., STUTT, E., LEVY, L. S. Uptake of veterinary medicines from soils into plants. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 54, 2288-2297.

BROWN, T. P., RUSHTON, L., WILLIAMS, H. C., ENGLISH, J. S. C. Intervention development in occupational research: an example from the printing industry. Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 63, 261-266.

BUTLER, O. T., COOK, J. M., HARRINGTON, C. F., HILL, S. J., RIEUWERTS, J., MILES, D. L. Atomic spectrometry update. Environmental analysis. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 21, 217-243.

COCKER, J., MORTON, J., WARREN, N., WHEELER, J. P., GARROD, A. N. I.. Biomonitoring for chromium and arsenic in timber treatment plant workers exposed to CCA wood preservatives. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 517-525.

FLETCHER, K., STONE, E., MOHAMAD, M. W., FAULDER, G. C., FAULDER, R. M., JONES, K., MORGAN, D., WEGERDT, J., KELLY, M., CHICK, J. A breath test to assess compliance with disulfiram. Addiction, 101, 1705-1710.

FRANKS, S. J., SPENDIFF, M. K., COCKER, J., LOIZOU, G. D.. Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of human exposure to 2-butoxyethanol. Toxicology Letters, 162, 164-173.

COMBES, R., BALLS, M., ILLING, P., BHOGAL, N., DALE, J., DUVE, G., FERON, V., GRINDON, C., GULDEN, M., LOIZOU, G., PRISTON, R., WESTMORELAND, C. Possibilities for a new approach to chemicals risk assessment - The report of a FRAME workshop. Alternatives to Laboratory Animals, 34, 621-649.

CREELY, K. S., HUGHSON, G. W., COCKER, J., JONES, K. Assessing isocyanate exposures in polyurethane industry sectors using biological and air monitoring methods. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 609-621.

DAWKINS, P., ROBERTSON, A., ROBERTSON, W., MOORE, V., REYNOLDS, J.,  LANGMAN, G.,  ROBINSON, E.,  HARRIS-ROBERTS, J., CROOK, B., BURGE, S..An outbreak of extrinsic alveolitis at a car engine plant. Occupational Medicine, 56, 559-565

ELMS, J., ROBINSON, E., MASON, H., IQBAL, S., GARROD, A., EVANS, G. S. Enzyme exposure in the British baking industry. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 379-384.

GUTHRIE, G., DILWORTH, M., SEN, D. Reducing mercury exposure in fluorescent lamp manufacture - A workplace case study. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 3, D15-D18.

HANDLEY, R., CURTIS, A., MORTON, J., WARREN, N.,  EVANS, G. S. Low-dose effects of chromium upon human keratinocytes. British Journal of Dermatology, 155, 255-255.

JEFFCOTT, S., PIDGEON, N., WEYMAN, A., WALLS, J.. Risk, trust, and safety culture in UK train operating companies. Risk Analysis, 26, 1105-1121.

JONES, A., MORTON, I., HOBSON, L., EVANS, G. S., EVERARD, M. L. Differentiation and immune function of human dendritic cells following infection by respiratory syncytial virus. Clinical and Experimental Immunology, 143, 513-522.

JONES, C., GRIFFITHS, R. D., SLATER, T., BENJAMIN, K. S., WILSON, S. Significant cognitive dysfunction in non-delirious patients identified during and persisting following critical illness. Intensive Care Medicine, 32, 923-926.

JONES, K., GARFITT, S., EMMS, V., WARREN, N., COCKER, J., FARMER, P. Correlation of haemoglobin-acrylamide adducts with airborne exposure: An occupational survey. Toxicology Letters, 162, 174-180.

JONES, K., MELDRUM, M., BAIRD, E., COTTRELL, S., KAUR, P., PLANT, N., DYNE, D., COCKER, J. Biological monitoring for trimethylbenzene exposure: A human volunteer study and a practical example in the workplace. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 593-598.

KAUR, S., CLARK, R. D. R., WALSH, P. T., ARNOLD, S. J., COLVILE, R. N., NIEUWENHUIJSEN, M. Exposure visualisation of ultrafine particle counts in a transport microenvironment. Atmospheric Environment, 40, 386-398.

MAKISON, C., SWAN, J. The effect of humidity on the survival of MRSA on hard surfaces. Indoor and Built Environment, 15, 85-91.

MARQUART, H., WARREN, N. D., LAITINEN, J., VAN HEMMEN, J. J. Default values for assessment of potential dermal exposure of the hands to industrial chemicals in the scope of regulatory risk assessments. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 469-489.

MORTON, J.,  MASON, H. ,. Speciation of arsenic compounds in urine from occupationally unexposed and exposed persons in the UK using a routine LC-ICP-MS method. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 30, 293-301.

OKUNRIBIDO, O. O., MAGNUSSON, M., POPE, M. Delivery drivers and low-back pain: A study of the exposures to posture demands, manual materials handling and whole-body vibration. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 36, 265-273.

OKUNRIBIDO, O. O., MAGNUSSON, M., POPE, M. H. ,. Low back pain in drivers: The relative role of whole-body vibration, posture and manual materials handling. Journal of Sound and Vibration, 298, 540-555.

PARRY, H. R., EVANS, A. J., MORGAN, D. Aphid population response to agricultural landscape change: A spatially explicit, individual-based model. Ecological Modelling, 199, 451-463.

POOLE, K., ELMS, J., MASON, H. Cold-provocation testing for the vascular component of hand-arm vibration syndrome in health surveillance. Industrial Health, 44, 577-583.

POOLE, K., ELMS, J., MASON, H. Modification of the Stockholm Vascular Scale. Occupational Medicine-Oxford, 56, 422-425.

QUEROL, E., TORRENT, J. G., BENNETT, D., GUMMER, J., FRITZE, J. P. Ignition tests for electrical and mechanical equipment subjected to hot surfaces. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 19, 639-644.

RAMWELL, C. T., JOHNSON, P. D, CORNS, H. . Transferability of six pesticides from agricultural sprayer surfaces. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 323-329.

RIMMER, D. A., JOHNSON, P. D., KELSEY, A.,WARREN, N. D, SAUNDERS, C.J. Spray trials to assess approaches for post -event spraydrift incident investigation. Aspects of Applied Biology, 77(1), 259-266.

ROFF, M. W., GRIFFITHS, L. K., GOBEAU, N., JOHNSON, P. D., PICKERING, D., RIMMER, D. A., SAUNDERS, C. J., WHEELER, J. P. Characteristics of pesticide pyrotechnic smoke devices. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 717-729.

SCAIFE, H. R., COWAN, D., FINNEY, J., KINGHORN-PERRY, S. F., CROOK, B. Wild rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) as potential carriers of verocytotoxin-producing Escherichia coli. Veterinary Record, Aug 5 2006 159(6), 175-178.

STACEY, P. R. The performance of laboratories analysing heavy metals in the workplace analysis scheme for proficiency (WASP). Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 417-425.

SNEE, T. J., CUSCO, L., HARE, J. A., KERR, D. C., ROYLE, M.  Venting of a runaway organic peroxide decomposition in viscous solvents on pilot scale. Process Safety Progress, 25, 227-236.

TRAINOR, M. T., RIDGWAY, P., MACBETH, R. W., WILDAY, A. J., BALMFORTH, H. F. . Substance prioritisation for the development of EU Acute Exposure Toxicity Thresholds (AETLs). Journal of Hazardous Materials, 133, 16-23.

UNWIN, J., COCKER, J., SCOBBIE, E., CHAMBERS, H. An assessment of occupational exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the UK. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 395-403.

VAN BERKEL, E., BOLEY, N., ELLISON, S., LIBEER, J. C., MAKINEN, I., SANDBERG, S., THOLEN, D., TYLEE, B., WEYKAMP, C. . Proficiency testing in analytical chemistry, microbiology and laboratory medicine - working group discussions on current status, problems and future directions. Accreditation and Quality Assurance, 11, 446-450.

WALSH, P., CLARK, R, .MCMANUS, H. Visualization of pedestrians' and cyclists' real-time personal exposure to pollutants in an urban environment. Epidemiology, 17, S189-S189.

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WHITE, J. MDHS 25 revisited; Development of MDHS 25/3, the determination of organic isocyanates in air. Annals of Occupational Hygiene, 50, 15-27.

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WEYMAN, A. K., PIDGEON, N. F., WALLS, J., HORLICK-JONES, T. Exploring comparative ratings and constituent facets of public trust in risk regulatory bodies and related stakeholder groups. Journal of Risk Research, 9, 605-622.

WEBB, D. The relationship between coverage and retention on leaves for different sprays. Aspects of Applied Biology, 77(2) 379-386.

Conference Papers

ASTBURY, G.R. Cool flames - laboratory curiosity or industrial hazard? ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 68, 972-981.

ASTBURY, G.R., CORNWELL, S. Area classification methodology for hydrogen-cooled alternators in power stations. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 22, 352-371.

ATKINSON, G., RILEY, N. Controlling the fire risks from composite IBCS. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 64

BESWICK, J., POWELL, S., ANDERSON, M., JACKSON, A. Assessing the impact of organisational factors on safety in a high hazard industry. Contemporary Ergonomics 2006, 570-574

CUSCO, L., WILDAY, J. Prevention , detection and mitigation of runaway reactions. Proceedings of 5th International VGR Conference, Pisa, Italy, 17-19 October 2006, paper N700200.

GANT, S.E., IVINGS, M.J., JONES, A., SANTON R. Hazardous area classification of low-pressure natural gas systems using CFD predictions. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 18, 298-308

HARE, J.A., WILDAY, A.J, OWENS, A. Simplified methods for vent disposal system sizing for runaway chemical reactions: EC award project guidance for SMES. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 35, 524-539

HAWKSWORTH, S., ROGERS, R., BEYER, M., PROUST, C., LAKIC, D., GUMMER, J., RAVEAU, D. Assessing the potential for ignition from mechanical equipment.  ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 67, 963-972.

HAWKSWORTH, S., SPAGNI, D., NEWSHOLME, G. Residential and Small Stationary Hydrogen Energy Systems: Risks and Opportunities." Proceedings of VGR Conference on Risk Assessment and Management in Civil and Industrial Settlements, Palace De Congress, Pisa, Italy, 17-19 October, Paper 700220.Pdf

HOBBS, J., LIM, T., FLETCHER, D., KAPOOR, A. The morphology of cracks in rails. ESIA8: Through Life Management of Structures and Component , Manchester, October 2006.

KEELEY, D.M., GADD, S., FULLAM, B. Principles for learning lessons from incidents - a UK perspective. IChemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, 61-72

MCMANUS, H., BALMFORTH, H. FOWLER, A. Using HSE's national population database tool for risk assessment. . IChemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, 122-128

*PROUST, C., HAWKSWORTH, S., ROGERS, R., BEYER, M., LAKIC, D., RAVEAU, D., HERVE, P., PINA, V., PETITFRERE, C., LEFEBVRE, X. Development of a method for predicting the ignition of explosive atmospheres by mechanical friction and impacts (MECHEX). Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Hazards, Prevention and Mitigation of Industrial Explosions, 27 August - 1 September, Halifax, Canada, 114-139.

ROBERTS, P.T, SHIRVILL, L.C., ROBERTS, T.A., BUTLER, C.J., ROYLE, M. Dispersion of hydrogen from high-pressure sources. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 26

ROGERS, R.L., HAWKSWORTH, S., BEYER, M., PROUST, C., LAKIC, D., GUMMER, J., RAVEAU, D. Ignition of dust clouds and dust deposits by friction sparks and hotspots. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 24, 387-400.

ROYLE, M., ROBERTS, P.T, SHIRVILL, S.C., ROBERTS, T., BUTLER, C. Dispersion of hydrogen from high-pressure sources. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 44.

SCHLEYER, G., DUAN, R.F., STACEY, N., WILLIAMSON, J. Educating engineers in risk concepts. Engineering Education Conference EE2006, Liverpool University, UK, 24-26 September 2006, 496-501.

SNEE, T.J., BOSCH PAGANS, J, CUSCO, L., GALLICE, F., HOFF, C., KERR, D.C., ROVETTA, A., ROYLE, M. Large-scale evaluation of vent-sizing methodology for vapour-pressure systems. ICHemE Symposium Series 151, Hazards XIX, Manchester, 28-30 March 2006, Paper 37, 552-571

TURNER, S., MACBETH, R., MCGILLIVRAY, A. Development within the Health and Safety Executive of streamlined risk assessment approach for the assessment of toxic hazards. Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference 2006 (ESREL 2006), Estoril, Portugal, 18-22 September 2006, vol 3, 2047-2057

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