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Concerned about Poor Air Quality?

Densely populated and highly industrialised areas of the world often experience periods of poor air quality.

This is a direct result of airborne pollutants produced by coal fired power stations, vehicle exhaust emissions and other output from the surge in industrial output that has made countries such as China the world's leading manufacturing nations.

Many globally-renowned organisations from all sectors of industry have migrated to these highly industrialised locations in order to take advantage of lower production costs and to position themselves closer to regions of the world in which product demand is increasing.

Whilst governments are taking action to address poor air quality, employees and their families - including ex-pat families - continue to be exposed to serious conditions which may adversely impact their health and wellbeing whilst they live in the world's industrial hotspots.

How HSE can help

HSE has first-hand experience of working with global organisations to identify the key issues and concerns regarding poor air quality, and to help these organisations prioritise resource.

HSE can deploy specialists in:

Why contract with HSE?

HSE's unparalleled range of multidisciplinary expertise, together with our knowledge of UK Health and Safety regulation, means that we can provide high quality advice and guidance based upon real-world experience, enabling you to make strategic decisions with confidence.

We regularly work internationally with global organisations and are uniquely positioned to offer advice and support regarding complex health and safety issues.

Your organisation will obtain the best possible advice from internationally recognised experts, drawing on HSE's expertise in RPE and the health effects of air pollution, including access to healthcare professionals and occupational healthcare doctors.

This will enable you to provide your employees and other stakeholders advice and actions that are based upon robust, independent science, so that practical and cost-effective solutions can be developed and implemented to control air quality problems.

To discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact us.

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