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Risk Management Excellence

Whether controlling major accident hazards or getting the basics right, we can work with you to achieve excellent health and safety risk management through a framework that benchmarks your current performance and sets you on a course of continuous improvement.

Excellence is not a theory -  it relates to an organisation and what it does, how it does it, the results it gets and the confidence that these results will continue into the future. An excellent organisation not only meets its legal obligations but goes beyond these in its pursuit of excellence.

More about Managing risks and risk assessment at work

The Risk Management Maturity model (RM3) defines what excellent in risk management looks like and allows organisations to assure themselves that their risk management system is operating to an adequate standard.

Our Risk Management and Process Safety Services:

If your work involves complex industrial processes or other inherently hazardous activities, effectively assessing and controlling risk is a priority.

Implementing a Safety Management System and checking that it is functioning properly can protect your assets, your own people and the wider public against the consequences of catastrophic incidents.

But how can you be sure that your checks are focusing on the right things? Are you leading technical risk management in the most effective way?  How do your systems compare to others'?

Find out how we can help you to attain excellence in risk management and process safety - request a callback now or email Angela Curtis:

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