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Protecting your employees

Hazards are present in all workplaces, bringing the risk of accidents and ill-health. We offer a range of services to help you manage your particular workplace hazards.

What can we do for you?

  • Monitor and assess exposure to a range of hazards, including chemicals, microbes, noise and vibration. We can give you expert advice on sample collection, and help with determining what to measure. We do this in several ways using our specialist analytical expertise, including site investigations and environmental monitoring.
  • Test protective clothing and equipment to determine whether it is fit-for-purpose. We also test respiratory equipment, and can advise you on the best air extraction methods for your needs.
  • Use our wealth of scientific research and knowledge when evaluating your workplace, equipment or personnel problems. Our specialist areas include ergonomics and working at heights, and the slip risk of footware and flooring.
  • Develop simple, practical solutions to your workplace problems, drawing on our multi-disciplinary Centre for Workplace Health, the largest group of occupational health specialists in the UK.

These services are supported by our extensive range of facilities, including controlled environment test chambers and a Category 3 laboratory for high-hazard microbes.

We are committed to a high-quality, cost-effective and responsive service.

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