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New Published Articles


Brookes J, Beswick A, Rosa I, Bailey C, Beynon C, Stagg S and Bennett N. (2023) An Assessment of Germicidal Ultraviolet Treatment Cabinets and Carousels Using a Bacteriophage Surface Challenge. Applied Biosafety, 28(4), 242-255

Fuhrimann S, Mueller W, Atuhaire A, Ohlander J, Mubeezi R, Povey A, Basinas I, Van Tongeren M, Jones K, Sams C, Galea K and Kromhout H, (2023) Self-reported and urinary biomarker-based measures of exposure to glyphosate and mancozeb and sleep problems among smallholder farmers in UgandaEnvironment International 182, 108277.

Molkov V, Kashkarov S, Makarov D, Fletcher J and Rattigan W. (2023) Explosion free in fire self-venting (TPRD-less) Type IV tanks: Validation under extreme impinging 70 MPa hydrogen jet fire conditions. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 48(100), 40117-40126.


Advance Publications

Nicholls G, Atkinson B, Van Veldhoven K, Nicholls I, Coldwell M, Clarke A, Atchison C, Raja A, Bennett A, Morgan D, Pearce N, Fletcher T, Brickley E and Chen Y. (2023) An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in a public-facing office in England. Occupational Medicine, kqad100.

Pocock D, Hall S, Bennett S, Darnton L and Molloy M, (2023) Laboratory study of the effectiveness of substituting traditional wheat flour with low dust flour and use of different sieve design as controls to reduce exposure to inhalable flour dust in commercial bakeries. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxad059.

Overton C, Abbey R, Baird T, Christie R, Daniel O, Day J, Gittins M, Jones O, Paton R, Tang M, Ward T, Wilkinson J, Woodrow-Hill C, Aldridge T and Chen Y, (2023) Quantifying the risk of workplace COVID-19 clusters in terms of commuter, workplace, and population characteristics. arXiv, 2305.08745. (preprint)


Recently Published Reports

HSE Annual Science Review 2023

Science, Engineering and Analysis Plan 2023-2026

Coldrick S and Atkinson G. (2023) Underground storage of explosives in mines: Modelling blast effects. (RR 1175) HSE.

Gant S, Tickle G, Tucker H, McKenna B, Batt R, Kelsey A, Garcia M, McGillivray A,  Stewart J, and Wardman M, (2022) Jack Rabbit II chlorine release experiements:HSE scientific contribution and main findings. (RR1174) HSE




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