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New Published Articles

Butler O and Forder J, (2024) A new proficiency testing scheme for occupational hygiene laboratories undertaking the analysis of diesel engine particulate emissions. Accreditation and Quality Assurance

Iskandar I, Gawkrodger D J, Byrne L, Gittins M, Carder M, Fishwick D and van Tongeren M, (2024) Trends in work-related respiratory diseases attributed to nickel, chromium and cobalt in the UK: descriptive findings from The Health and Occupation Research (THOR) network 1996-2019.Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 81, 220-224

Wrenn K, Blomquist P, Manley P, Yuan J-M, Gilham E, Higgins H, Curran A and Chen Y, (2024) Description of control measures, attitudes, and behaviours at a scientific conference with a confirmed COVID-19 case but no reported onward transmission, November 2021 England. Public Health in Practice, 8, 100521. 1


Advance Publications

Nicholls G, Atkinson B, Van Veldhoven K, Nicholls I, Coldwell M, Clarke A, Atchison C, Raja A, Bennett A, Morgan D, Pearce N, Fletcher T, Brickley E and Chen Y. (2023) An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in a public-facing office in England. Occupational Medicine, kqad100.

Rutter C, van Tongeren M, Fletcher T, Rhodes S, Chen Y, Hall I, Warren N and Pearce N, (2024) Risk factors for SARS-CoV-2 infection at a UK electricity-generating company: a test-negative design case-control study. Occupational and Environmental Medicine


Recently Published Reports

Health and Safety Executive HSE Annual Science Review 2024

Health and Safety Executive, (2024) Work-related fatal injuries in Great Britain, 2024. Data up to March 2024.




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