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New Published Articles

Coldrick S, Kelsey A, Ivings M, Foat T, Parker S, Noakes C, Bennett A, Rickard H and Moore G. (2022) Modeling and experimental study of dispersion and deposition of respiratory emissions with implications for disease transmission. Indoor Air, 32 (2), e13000

Drahota A, Felix L, Raftery J, Keenan B, Lachance C, Mackey D, Markham C, Laing A, Farrell-Savage K and Okunribido O. (2022) Shock-absorbing flooring for fall-related injury prevention in older adults and staff in hosptials and care homes: the SAFEST systematic review. Health Technology Assessment, 26 (5), 1-196

Fransman W, Arnone M, Borghi F, Cattaneo A, Cavallo D, Cherrie J, Franken R, Galea K, Van Der Haar R, Heussen G, Jensen K, Koponen M, Koppisch D, Kromhout H, Luo Y-S, McNally K, Saamanen A, Spinazze A, Van Tongeren M, Vanoirbeek J, Verpaele S, Vetter D, Viegas S and Warren N. (2022) Response letter to Koivisto et al. 'Evaluating the theoretical background of STOFFENMANAGER® and the advanced REACH tool'. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 66(4), 543-549

Hanna, S., Mazzola, T., Chang, J., Spicer, T., Gant, S. and Batt, R. (2022) Gaps in Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC) Model Systems: Improvements and Changes over Past Ten Year. Process Safety Progress, 41(1) 151-166

Loizou G, Mcnally K, Paini A and Hogg A. (2022) Derivation of a Human In Vivo Benchmark Dose for Bisphenol A from ToxCast In Vitro Concentration Response Data Using a Computational Workflow for Probabilistic Quantitative In Vitro to In Vivo ExtrapolationFrontiers in Pharmacology, 12 754408

Morton J, Sams C, Leese E, Garner F, Iqbal S and Jones K. (2022) Biological monitoring: evidence for reductions in occupational exposure and riskFrontiers in Toxicology

Visser M, Gosens I, Bard D, Van Broekhuizen P, G. J, Kuempel E, Riediker M, Vogel U and Dekkers S. (2022) Towards Health-based Nano Reference Values (HNRVs) for occupational exposure: recommendations from an expert panel. NanoImpact, 26 100396


Hall S, Johnson P, Bailey C, Gould Z, White W and Crook B. (2022) Evaluation of face shields, goggles and safety glasses as a virus transmission control measure to protect the wearer against cough droplets. Preprints 2022020323

Advance Publications

Beswick A, Fry C, Bradley CS, Pottage T, Sharpe S, Haill C, Mugglestone M, Bak A, Marsden G, Bennett A, Garvey M and Wilson A (2022) Automated room decontamination: report of a Healthcare Infection Society Working Party. Journal of Hospital Infection

Bramwell, L., Morton, J., Harding, A.-H., Lin, N. and Entwistle, J. (2021) Determinants of blood and saliva lead concentrations in adult gardeners on urban agricultural sites. Environmental Geochemistry and Health

De Matteis S, Jarvis D, Darnton L, Consonni D, Kromhout H, Hutchings S, Sadhra S, Fishwick D, Vermeulen R, Rushton L and Cullinan P (2022) Lifetime occupational exposures and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  risk in the UK Biobank Cohort Thorax

Fishwick D, Harding A-H, Chen Y, Pearce N and Frost G (2022) Asthma in pesticide users. An update from the Great Britain Prospective Investigation of Pesticide Applicators' Health (PIPAH) cohort studyOccupational and Environmental Medicine

Frost G, Liddle M, Fairhurst C, Cockayne S, Cunningham-Burley R, Torgerson D and On Behalf of the SSHeW Study (2022) The relationship between age, workplace slips and the effectiveness of slip-resistant footwear among healthcare workers. Injury Prevention

McNally K, Goede H, Schinkel J, Gorce J-P and Warren N (2021) The Dermal Advanced REACH Tool (dART): a Bayesian model for dermal exposure assessment. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxab114

Mueller W, Jones K, Mohamed H, Bennett N, Harding A-H, Frost G, Povey A, Basinas I, Kromhout H, Van Tongeren M, Fuhrimann S and Galea K. (2022) Recall of exposure in UK farmers and pesticide applicators: trends with follow-up time. Annals of Work Exposures and Health,wxac002

Ohlander J, Fuhrimann S, Basinas I, Cherrie J, Galea K, Povey A, Van Tongeren M, Harding A-H, Jones K, Vermeulen R, Huss A and Kromhout H. (2022) Impact of occupational pesticide exposure assessment method on risk estimates for prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and Parkinson's disease: results of three meta-analyses. Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Stacey, P., Clegg, F. and Sammon, C. (2021)Multicomponent measurement of respirable quartz, kaolinite and coal dust using Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR):  A comparison between partial least squares and principal component regression. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxab081

Stacey P, Clegg F, Rhyder G and Sammon C (2021) Application of a Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Principal Component Regression (PCR) chemometric method for the quantification of respirable crystalline silica (quartz), kaolinite and coal in coal dusts from Australia, UK and South Africa. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxab119


Recently Published Reports


AZKARATE, I., BUTTNER, W., BARTHÉLÉMY, H., CIRRONE, D., COLDRICK, S,. HOOKER, P., HAWKSWORTH, S., JEFFREY, K., JORDAN, T., KELLER, J., MARKERT, F., MELIDEO, D., MORETTO, P. and TCHOUVELEV, A. International Association for Hydrogen Safety 'Research Priorities Workshop', September 2018, Buxton, UK. HSE, 2020. (RR1159)


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