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What's New - HSE Science and Research Publications

New Published Articles

Bailey C, Johnson P, Moran J, Rosa I, Brookes J, Hall S and Crook B (2022) Simulating the environmental spread of SARS CoV-2 via cough and the effect of personal mitigations. Microorganisms, 10 (11), 2241

Fishwick D, Carder M, Iskandar I, Fishwick B and Van Tongeren M (2022) Occupational inhalational accidents; analysis of cases from the UK SWORD reporting scheme from 1999 to 2018Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 79 (9), 628-630

Foat T, Higgins B, Abbs S, Maishman T, Coldrick S, Kelsey A, Ivings M, Parker S and Noakes C (2022) Modeling the effect of temperature and relative humidity on exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in a mechanically ventilated room. Indoor Air, 32 (11), e13146


Book chapters

Ewan B, Moodie K and Hawksworth S Chapter 4 - Accident consequences. In: ed, Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications: Engineering design, risk assessment, and codes and standards, 2022,  195-261

Hawksworth S, Jordan T, Jeffrey K and Melideo D Chapter 5 - Risk assessment. In: ed, Hydrogen Safety for Energy Applications: Engineering design, risk assessment, and codes and standards, 2022,  263-299

Advance Publications

Atkinson B, Van Veldhoven K, Nicholls I, Coldwell M, Clarke A, Frost G, Atchison C, Raja A, Bennett A, Morgan D, Pearce N, Fletcher T, Brickley E and Chen Y (2022) An outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 in a public-facing office in England, 2021. medRxiv (Preprint)

Beswick A, Brookes J, Rosa I, Bailey C, Beynon C, Stagg S, and Bennett N. (2022) Room-Based Assessment of Mobile Air Cleaning Devices Using a Bioaerosol Challenge. Applied Biosafety

De Matteis S, Jarvis D, Darnton L, Consonni D, Kromhout H, Hutchings S, Sadhra S, Fishwick D, Vermeulen R, Rushton L and Cullinan P (2022) Lifetime occupational exposures and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  risk in the UK Biobank Cohort Thorax

Gartland N, Coleman A, Fishwick D, Johnson S, Armitage C and Van Tongeren M (2022) Experiences, perceptions of risk, and lasting impacts of COVID-19 for employees in the public transport sector. Annals of Work Exposures and Health

Hall S, Johnson P, Bailey C, Gould Z, White W and Crook B (2022) Evaluation of face shields, goggles and safety glasses as a virus transmission control measure to protect the wearer against cough droplets. Annals of Work Exposures and Health

Ruiter S, Bard D, Jeddi H, Saunders J, Snawder J, Warren N, Gorce J-P, Cauda E, Kuijpers E and Pronk A (2023) Exposure monitoring strategies for applying low-cost PM sensors to assess flour dust in industrial bakeries. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, wxac088


Recently Published Reports

Gant S, Tickle G, Tucker H, McKenna B, Batt R, Kelsey A, Garcia M, McGillivray A,  Stewart J, and Wardman M, (2022) Jack Rabbit II chlorine release experiements:HSE scientific contribution and main findings. HSE, 2022 (RR1174)




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