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What's New - HSE Science and Research Publications

New Published Articles

Abbott K, Buston J, Gill J, Goddard S, Howard D, Howard G, Read E and Williams R, (2023) Experimental Study of Three Commercially Available 18650 Lithium Ion Batteries using Multiple Abuse Methods. Journal of Energy Storage, 65, 107293.

Pitts P, (2023) Determination of number of measurements required for 95% confidence in an upper quartile value of hand-arm vibration measurement using the Monte-Carlo method. Proceedings 86(1) 21. Presented at 15th International Conference on Hand-Arm Vibration Nancy, France, 6-9 Jun 2023.

Advance Publications

Brookes J, Beswick A, Rosa I, Bailey C, Beynon C, Stagg S and Bennett N, (2023) An Assessment of Germicidal Ultraviolet Treatment Cabinets and Carousels Using a Bacteriophage Surface Challenge. Applied Biosafety, 10 Aug 2023

Recently Published Reports

HSE Annual Science Review 2023

Science, Engineering and Analysis Plan 2023-2026

Coldrick S and Atkinson G. (2023) Underground storage of explosives in mines: Modelling blast effects. (RR 1175) HSE.

Gant S, Tickle G, Tucker H, McKenna B, Batt R, Kelsey A, Garcia M, McGillivray A,  Stewart J, and Wardman M, (2022) Jack Rabbit II chlorine release experiements:HSE scientific contribution and main findings. (RR1174) HSE




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