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HSE Science and Research Publications 2024



Journal Papers

Bacon J, Butler O, Cairns J, Cavoura O, Cook J, Davidson C and Mertz-Kraus R, (2024) Atomic Spectrometry Update - a review of advances in environmental analysis. Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 39, 11-65.

Butler O and Forder J, (2024) A new proficiency testing scheme for occupational hygiene laboratories undertaking the analysis of diesel engine particulate emissionsAccreditation and Quality Assurance

Brookman B, Belavari C, Butler O, Corbi R, Horsky M, Jordan H, Laurent C, Patriarca M, Tiikkainen U, van Putten K, Robouch P, Sarkany E and Sorbo A, (2024) Proficiency testing in analytical chemistry, microbiology and laboratory medicine: Discussions on current practice and future directionsAccreditation and Quality Assurance

de Carvalho E Silva A, Loizou G, McNally K, Osborne O, Potter C, Gott D, Colbourne J and Viant M, (2024) A novel method to derive a human safety limit for PFOA by gene expression profiling and modellingFrontiers in Toxicology, 6

Gyte A and Kelsey A, (2024) Working with cattle slurry on farms: emission and dispersion of hydrogen sulphide gas during stirring. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 68(4) 387-396

Iskandar I, Gawkrodger D J, Byrne L, Gittins M, Carder M, Fishwick D and van Tongeren M, (2024) Trends in work-related respiratory diseases attributed to nickel, chromium and cobalt in the UK: descriptive findings from The Health and Occupation Research (THOR) network 1996-2019. Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 81, 220-224.

Lewis R, Andrus A, Arroyo J, Brescia S, Botham P, Corvaro M, Daston G, Hofmann T, Rodriguez C, Sewell F, Van Ravenzwaay B, Wiench K and Marty S, (2024) Considerations for the development of guidance on dose level selection for developmental and reproductive toxicity studies. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology, 148, 105585.

Mason H and Jones K, (2024) Airborne exposure to laboratory animal allergens:  2005-2022AIMS Allergy and Immunology, 8, 18-33.

Mueller W, Jones K, Fuhrimann S, Ahmad Z, Sams C, Harding A-H, Povey A, Basinas I, Van Tongeren M, Kromhout H and Galea K, (2024) Factors influencing occupational exposure to pyrethroids and glyphosate: an analysis of urinary biomarkers in Malaysia, Uganda and the United Kingdom. Environmental Research, 242, 117651.

Overton C, Abbey R, Baird T, Christie R, Daniel O, Day J, Gittins M, Jones O, Paton R, Tang M, Ward T, Wilkinson J, Woodrow-Hill C, Aldridge T and Chen Y, (2024) Identifying employee, workplace and population characteristics associated with COVID-19 outbreaks in the workplace: a population-based study. Occupational & Environmental Medicine, 81(2), 92-100

Raja A, Nicholls G, Coldwell M, Van Veldhoven K, Sandys V, Atkinson B, Nicholls I, Spencer A, Graham A, Higgins H, Atchison C, Keen C, Fletcher T, Pearce N, Brickley E and Chen Y, (2024) A SARS‑CoV‑2 outbreak investigation at a storage and distribution centre in England: an assessment of worker‑ and workplace‑related risk factors. Scientific Reports, 14, 9561.

Reale E and et al including Jones K, and  Sams C, (2024) Human Biomonitoring and Toxicokinetic as Key Building Blocks for Next Generation Risk Assessment. Environment International, 184, 108474.

Sewell F, Alexander-White C, Brescia S, Currie R, Roberts R, Roper C, Vickers C, Westmoreland C and Kimber I, (2024) New approach methodologies (NAMs): identifying and overcoming hurdles to accelerated adoption. Toxicology Research, 13, tfae044.

Simpson A, Beattie H, Lekka C and Keen C, (2024) Health and Safety Executive research on wood dust exposure controls in British manufacturing. Annals of Work Exposures and Health, 68, 180-191.

Wrenn K, Blomquist P, Manley P, Yuan J-M, Gilham E, Higgins H, Curran A and Chen Y, (2024) Description of control measures, attitudes, and behaviours at a scientific conference with a confirmed COVID-19 case but no reported onward transmission, November 2021 EnglandPublic Health in Practice, 8, 100521. 1

Reports by HSE Scientists and Expert Committees

HSE Annual Science Review 2024

Coldwell M, (2024) Respirable crystalline silica exposure during demolition activity. (RR1202)  HSE

McConnachie G, Kenny L, Mason H, Johnson P, Nwoko K and Kerr R, (2024) Ensuring improved isocyanate exposure assessment to better protect health. (RR1199) HSE


National and Official Statistics Publications

Health and Safety Executive, (2024)  Work-related fatal injuries in Great Britain, 2024. Data up to March 2024.


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