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Taking steps against workplace slips

GRIP is a footwear slip resistance rating scheme developed by HSE to actively reduce slips.

Slips and trips are the most common cause of major injury to employees*, leading to 2 million lost working days in 2012/13 and representing a major financial burden to businesses.

The HSE GRIP rating scheme uses rigorous, scientific testing to measure and grade the slip resistance of footwear.

GRIP will enable manufacturers to;

  • Clearly show the level of slip resistance at point of sale,
  • Improve slip resistance during the design and development process,
  • Gain competitive advantage over non-rated footwear.

GRIP will help footwear buyers to;

  • Choose the right level of slip resistance for their employees,
  • Ensure maximum staff protection against slips,
  • Reduce slipping accidents,
  • Reduce business costs associated with slip-related absences.

In the video below, HSE's Pedestrian Safety specialist Mark Liddle explains the science behind the GRIP scheme's footwear slip resistance testing. Can't see the video? View it here.

Our new GRIP information sheet explains how the scheme works and where you can get further information about which footwear has been rated.

Download a free, printable PDF.

Footwear manufacturers can now obtain ratings for their footwear.

Get full details of the scheme

Download your copy of the GRIP Scheme Handbook.

*Source: HSE - Slips & trips and falls from height in Great Britain, 2013

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