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GRIP Ratings

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has developed the GRIP rating scheme for the slip resistance of footwear. The purpose of the GRIP scheme is to allow footwear users to identify suitable slip resistant footwear as a control measure to reduce their risk of slipping accidents.

The European PPE Directive recognises the need for slip resistance as a protective property of footwear. Demonstration of compliance with this requirement is often claimed through the use of mechanical tests. One such mechanical test (BS EN ISO 13287: 2012) forms the basis of the commonly used standards BS EN ISO 20345:2011, BS EN ISO 20346:2004 + A1: 2007 and BS EN ISO 20347:2012. These standards provide a minimum level of compliance, the GRIP goes beyond this to provide valid data for use in selecting slip resistant footwear as a control measure to prevent slips.

Footwear selection should be informed by a risk assessment. For low hazard environments One Star or Two Star footwear is a sensible way to protect your staff from slips. Where slips are known to occur, Three Star or Four Star footwear will reduce the occurrence of slipping. In the most challenging workplaces, Five Star footwear may be necessary to adequately control slip risk.

The effectiveness of rated footwear should be monitored as part of the risk assessment review process. If, for example, slips occur in Two Star footwear, you should consider upgrading to footwear with a higher rating.

The GRIP scheme only deals with the slip resistance of footwear. Whilst slips are a major issue, other safety requirements arising from risk assessments, such as toe protection, should be considered in parallel with the GRIP ratings when selecting footwear for use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The ratings displayed below relate to the soling unit, which means each unit is available with a wide range of uppers.  Follow the links below to browse the manufacturers full range of products.

GRIP Rating Sole Image Sole Details
2022 5 star GRIP rating WearerTech CustomPro UltraGrip 5star Sole Shadow With Logo

Manufacturer: WearerTech Ltd

Sole: UltraGrip® CustomPro

2022 5 star GRIP rating Anvil Traction - Plane 2

Manufacturer - Anvil Traction

Sole - Anvil Traction Plane 2

Grip Logo5 2020 c.8 m.79. y.99 k.0 T&M branding 4 star v2 Maspica SpA Vibram Coltello

Manufacturer - Maspica SpA

Sole - VIBRAM COLTELLO - Sixton Peak® JustGrip Line

Grip Logo5 2021 sfc-5 2018 sole

Manufacturer - Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd

Sole - SFC 5

Grip Logo5 2021 IMG_20210715_153308996 (SFC chunky)

Manufacturer - Shoes for Crews

Sole - SFC 3

Grip Logo5 2021 SFC MIGHTY GRIP sole


Manufacturer - Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd

Sole - SFC Mighty Grip


Grip Logo5 2020 5 star OPGEAR sole

Manufacturer - Jiangsu Sunshine Dongsheng Imp. & Exp Co. Ltd


Grip Logo5 2020 4 star Hexa sole

Manufacturer - Blackrock

Sole - Blackrock HExaGRip

Grip Logo5 2020 3 star Arctic Grip Outsole

Manufacturer - Maspica SpA

Sole - Vibram ST89 Arctic Grip

GRIP 5-star 2018 icon SRM540 Outsole


Manufacturer - Safer Safety Limited

Sole - S R Max


GRIP 5-star 2018 icon Grip sole

Manufacturer -Safer Safety Ltd

Sole - Grip

GRIP 4-star 2018 icon Suregrip sole

Manufacturer - Keuka Suregrip

Sole - Suregrip

GRIP 4-star 2016 icon

Sole 47-103

Manufacturer - Sievi

Sole - 47-103

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