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Aerospace Testing

HSE has worked with the aerospace sector for several decades and in that time, we have helped to make air travel safer, faster and more efficient.

In the safety-critical environment of the aerospace industry, it is vital that new materials, components and equipment are tested and evaluated for performance.

That's where our testing and monitoring services can help.

Aerospace testing

As well as testing to recognised standards, we excel in solving some of the most difficult challenges that no one else can. The breadth of our capability and the versatility of our testing facilities means that we can design and deliver bespoke solutions to some of the most complex issues in aviation.

Contact with your testing requirements.

Jet Zero Solutions

The Government's Ten Point Plan positions the UK at the forefront of aviation to push forward low carbon travel for combatting climate change.

The plan will drive the uptake of sustainable aviation fuels, invest in R&D to develop zero-emission aircraft and develop the infrastructure of the future at our airports.

Developing the new and innovative technologies, as well as the infrastructure required to meet these objectives within the timescales demanded, is going to be a challenge.

Innovating with agility and incorporating robust science and evidence from the start to build-in safety, with the regulatory landscape in mind, is imperative if we are to get right first-time round.

That's where HSE can help. Read about our Jet Zero solutions here.

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Find out how we can help clients in the aerospace sector fulfil their testing requirements by contacting:

Nigel Moss
+44 (0)203 028 2133

Burn Hall Facility

Aviation Powerplant Fire Testing Facility
In our dedicated Burn Hall we provide aerospace clients with independent and flexible engineering and certification tests to ISO 2685 and AC 20-135 standards. We offer both the propane and liquid fuel burner options included in the standards, alongside an FAA-design 'NexGen' burner aligned with future plans for powerplant fire testing.
High Pressure Combustor

High Pressure Combustor Facility
Our high-pressure combustor is based on a modified Rolls-Royce 'Tay' combustor can using either liquid or gaseous fuels (for example Jet A1 or methane) and allows 3-minute run times with a combustion flame in excess of 50 bar / 2000 K.

Electrostatic Fluid Flow Facility

Electrostatic Fluid Flow Facility
This large-scale facility can be used for measuring electrostatic charge generation on liquids and components (including composites) during fluid flow.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facility
Clients can use this facility to investigate the performance and safety of combined cycle gas turbine systems (including heat recovery systems) and operation on novel fuels.

Gas Guns

Bore Gas Gun
Our 25mm bore gas gun can test projectile masses typically ranging from 1g to 1kg at speeds up to Mach 1, with the potential for more depending upon requirements. The gas gun enclosure has two ports for high speed video that can enable co-efficient of restitution calculations. This facility can be used for test coupons, whilst a large enclosure also allows us to test components.

Small Venting Battery

Battery Safety Facility
Used to study the risks arising from battery manufacture, transport, storage and use, our battery safety chamber is a purpose-built enclosure with a separate control room from which our battery testing specialists can initiate and monitor the failure of cell and battery packs. For full details, click here.

Engineering Laboratory

Multi-Purpose Engineering Laboratory (inc. Strong Floor)
Our Engineering Laboratory houses a range of test equipment including: 50t/150t/250t universal test machines; a Rosand impact machine, and a strong floor.
This equipment is suitable for benchmarking materials and for small component testing.

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