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Jet Zero

The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution seeks to position the UK at the forefront of aviation to push forward low carbon travel and build on UK strengths to meet domestic and international targets for combatting climate change.

The plan aims take immediate steps to drive the uptake of sustainable aviation fuels, invest in R&D to develop zero-emission aircraft and develop the infrastructure of the future at our airports.

Developing the new and innovative technologies, as well as the infrastructure required to meet these objectives within the timescales demanded, is going to be a challenge. Innovating with agility and incorporating robust science and evidence from the start to build-in safety, with the regulatory landscape in mind, is imperative if we are to get right first-time round.

How we can help

Moving to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) - our desk based and practical, real world, experimental research activities have informed our intrinsic knowledge of the hazards and risks of working with hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and lithium ion batteries, plus our experience in advising how the safely introduce and deploy pure or blended alternative fuel sources can be applied directly to aviation.

Developing zero emission aircraft - our scientists and engineers are skilled in the design and performance of bespoke testing to evaluate the safety performance of individual components and their integration into the wider aircraft system. Combined with our advanced knowledge of low carbon and decarbonised energy vectors and material science, allow us to help you engineer the aircraft of the future, now.

Developing safe infrastructure - our role in key net zero infrastructure projects such as MultHyFuel and HyTunnel is informing us about how current infrastructure needs to adapt for net zero. We are applying this new learning to the aviation industry to help clients in this sector identify hazards and develop safe systems and processes for working with hydrogen, liquid hydrogen and batteries.


Contact us for help with jet zero technologies

Dr Stuart Hawksworth on +44 (0)203 028 2212 or email
Dr Nigel Moss on +44 (0)203 028 2133 or email

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