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HSE Liquid Hydrogen Testing Facility

With a greater energy density than the gaseous form, liquid hydrogen (LH2) could form part of the UK's energy strategy in the future.

In order to enable the safe and widespread adoption of LH2 as an energy storage and transportation method, HSE's Science and Research Centre is currently performing LH2 testing supplied by a 2.5 tonne road tanker - a unique and strategically important facility in the UK for research into this current topic.

This 2.5 tonne cryogenic road tanker stores liquid hydrogen at -253 degree C.

Liquid Hydrogen Testing Facility

Main applications

HSE is using this facility to conduct important pioneering prenormative research and testing into the behaviour, safe handling and use of liquid and cryogenic hydrogen in aviation, road transport and other novel industrial applications.

Contact us for help with liquid hydrogen energy technologies

If your business is exploring the use of liquid hydrogen as a novel energy technology and you'd benefit from HSE's expertise and knowledge of how to work with it safely, please contact:

Dr Stuart Hawksworth -

Dr Nigel Moss -



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