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Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen safety

Hydrogen is one of the low carbon energy solutions that will be critical for the UK's transition to net zero. But to be accepted by society, hydrogen needs to be safe.

HSE has safely enabled hydrogen powered applications for nearly 20 years.

We specialise in conducting applied research into the safety of gaseous and liquid hydrogen and as a result, we have published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers and we actively contribute to the major global associations and committees on hydrogen safety.

The evidence we generate is underpinning the regulations, codes and standards that will enable industry to safely deploy hydrogen technologies.

Our approach is holistic - not only do we understand the causes and consequences of an accidental release, we also know which factors are critical in preventing and mitigating risk.

That's why we are a valuable partner in some of hydrogen's most innovative demonstration projects, enabling gaseous and liquid hydrogen to be safely used in applications such as heat, power and transport.



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