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High Pressure Hydrogen Storage and Release Testing Facility

A test facility unique in the UK for the practical experimentation of high-pressure hydrogen releases.

High Pressure Hydrogen Storage and Release Testing Facility

This facility consists of a manifold system for hydrogen and purge gas cylinder packs. The rig has two high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels each capable of providing up to 1000 bar storage and with a capacity of 50 litres.

Key features

This is a bespoke facility, giving the customer the flexibility to work with us to specify additional features such as specialist data acquisition and enhanced image capture, including high-speed and thermal video imaging.

Main applications

The High-Pressure Hydrogen Storage and Release Facility is used extensively for experimentation looking at the diffusion of H2, hydrogen vehicle fuelling and hydrogen jet fires.

The facility has been used to produce unique experimental data concerning hydrogen jet fire impingement on structural materials in support of HyTunnel, a programme of pre-normative research on the safety of hydrogen-powered vehicles and other transport in tunnels. Funding came from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (JU).

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