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Bespoke Testing

Many of our large-scale testing facilities can be 25m tower catch netting testsadapted to accommodate your bespoke testing requirements, but in cases where this is not possible we can often build custom test-rigs to carry out bespoke testing of products or materials.

The diverse range of equipment and technical expertise available at the HSE Science and Research Centre enables us to accurately simulate the real-world operational conditions - both normal and extreme - to which the test item might be subjected in everyday use.

This means that you can safely test the resilience and effectiveness of new products, materials and equipment under controlled standard and non-standard conditions prior to their manufacture and launch.

All bespoke testing from HSE Testing and Monitoring is conducted by specialist technicians and engineers who are experienced in the use of different testing and measurement apparatus, and proficient at analysing test data to produce accurate and meaningful results.

Bespoke large-scale testing from HSLUsing our large-scale testing and evaluation facilities for bespoke testing has benefited our clients in industries including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Nuclear, Manufacturing and Transport.

If you would like to find out more about our extensive Bespoke Testing and Evaluation capabilities, please contact:


Helena Senior on +44 (0)203 028 1988

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