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Green Ships

Developing clean maritime technology is a key strand in the Prime Minister's Ten Point plan.

The Department for Transport's Decarbonisation Plan indicates that the maritime sector has already begun to decarbonise, but with new technologies now reaching the stage of demonstration and initial deployment, the pace must increase if we are able to enable significant emission reductions within the desired timescales.

But it's not simply a case of our vessels switching to zero and low carbon sources of fuel such as ammonia and highly efficient batteries, our whole maritime infrastructure such as ports, harbours, the energy networks supplying the fuels of the future and the wider transport network moving our goods and passengers will all need to decarbonise too.

With so much going on, it's imperative that we don't take our eye off the ball when it comes to safety.

Ports 2
Image published with permission of the Port of London Authority

HSE Research and Consultancy is applying its expertise in hydrogen and batteries risk management to help the maritime industry achieve net zero, safely.

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