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WHEC Annual Report 2017 (Published 2018)

Image of WHEC Annual Report Front Page


WHEC was set up in mid-2015 as an expert scientific committee to provide independent scientific advice to Chief Scientist, HSE on:

  • New and emerging workplace health issues
  • New and emerging evidence on existing workplace health issues
  • Quality and relevance of the evidence base on workplace health issues


During 2017 WHEC published two evidence reviews and two positions papers. Evidence reviews are reports published by WHEC on topics which they have been asked to review by HSE or others. Position papers are reports published by WHEC on topics considered of sufficient importance by WHEC to warrant review and a statement of its position.

The 2017 WHEC Annual Report brings these two evidence reviews and two position papers together. They are available as free online pdfs:

Silica and lung cancer. Evidence review paper.

Risks of bakery work: the adverse effects of working in high temperatures and of occupational asthma. Evidence review paper.

Work-associated musculoskeletal pain: the role of HSE. Position paper.

Work-related stress and psychological health. Position paper.

Alternatively, the hardcopy annual report is available as a priced publication at:


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