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Swisslog, one of the world’s leading logistics automation companies, use HSE’s Safety Climate Tool to support business improvement

Over 200 organisations both in the UK and overseas are proactively using the Safety Climate Tool (SCT) to measure and improve their safety culture. It is used and trusted by organisations of all sizes, across all industry sectors. One such organisation is one of the world's leading logistics automation companies: Swisslog UK. Their Health and Safety Manager explains how the SCT is helping them to improve business performance.

What challenge were you trying to address?

'Swisslog has a strong safety culture and we require this to prioritise the wellbeing of colleagues and customers. To support further improvement within the business, we needed an objective understanding of our safety culture. We chose the HSE SCT to measure it'.

The Solution

'The SCT has certainly supported our cultural improvement strategy and we've been able to evidence this based on the first and latest survey data. The survey data helped us understand the attitudes of our employees towards 8 factors that HSE research shows are associated with a positive health and safety culture. The most important improvement we have been able to demonstrate is the engagement of our employees towards health and safety. We are delighted with the SCT's output and all the supporting guidance that comes with it.'

What initiatives were successful?

'The survey helped us to demonstrate that our safety talks, structured toolbox talks and near miss reporting initiatives were all very successful. Using the ability to interpret the data based on our organisations' demographics, we were able to associate the high levels of line manager engagement in health and safety with our high levels of training completion, to over 95% for all training types.'

The Outcome

'The SCT results showed that there was increased line manager engagement across all areas of the organisation. We have subsequently introduced a number of initiatives such as the delivery of toolbox talks, the creation of an effective near miss reporting system and the introduction of a health and safety management platform. The catalyst for these introductions was the evidence obtained from the HSE SCT survey.'

What would you say to other organisations considering using the SCT?

'The SCT is a great investment that allows you to drive improvement based on real and meaningful data from within your organisation and beyond. The ability to drill down into your demographics within the tool is really powerful and helps to target focussed improvement where you see the best opportunities.'

Any final comments?

'Thank you for a great tool that we now use across the other parts of the organisation. Thank you to the team for being there (on the end of a phone) to answer any questions and to continually improve and add to the SCT survey.'

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