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Spire Healthcare successfully reduces incidents and accidents using the HSE MSD tool

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The Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) assessment tool is the latest tool in the range from HSE Publications and Products. It combines the popular MSD assessment guides MAC, ART and RAPP and transforms them into an all-in-one digital solution.

Employers and safety representatives can use the MSD tool to easily assess the risks posed by physical and strenuous work activities. Assessors can then understand, interpret, categorise and communicate the levels of risk present in routine tasks.

It has been designed to simplify the process of completing each assessment, with a logical step-by-step approach, saving assessors time in populating the results manually.

An increasing number of organisations, both in the UK and overseas, are proactively using the MSD tool to measure and gain a deeper understanding of their workers' health and wellbeing.

Trusted and used by organisations of all sizes across various industry sectors, the MSD tool has garnered widespread adoption. Customers consistently report significant benefits from using the tool including enhanced employee engagement and commitment to health and safety, a notable reduction in workplace accidents, cost savings and the demonstration of effective leadership.

One such organisation is Spire Healthcare. Spire is a top employer in the UK's private healthcare sector. Known for their supportive work environment and focus on professional growth, Spire employs over 15,000 people, including 8,000 healthcare professionals.

The Challenge

Each year, Spire completes around 100 MSD assessments and wanted to streamline and expedite the process in order to make the manual handling assessments conducted by their manual handling trainers quicker and easier.

The Solution

Spire chose the new HSE MSD digital tool to do this.

They quickly found that the online MSD tool was an excellent resource to utilise with trainers who, after some initial training, found the tool easy to use and understand. The tool assisted trainers in completing assessments and it generated valuable recommendations to mitigate any risks identified.

The Outcome

Since implementing the MSD tool, Spire Healthcare has experienced significant benefits.

The tool has enabled them to effectively track trends related to MSDs and implement control measures to reduce accidents and incidents. They described the tool as 'massively helpful' in achieving these outcomes.

Overall, the online MSD tool has proven to be a valuable asset for Spire, aiding in the management of manual handling assessments and the reduction of associated risks.

Based on this positive experience, Spire has no hesitation in recommending this tool to other organisations with similar challenges.

Their spokesperson explains, 'The HSE MSD tool is easy to use, easy to understand and supports trainers in completing assessments and giving out recommendations'.

To find out more or to purchase a licence to use the tool, visit or email:

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