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Health and Safety statistics to inform decision-making

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The Challenge

HSE's statisticians are responsible for producing official statistics on workplace injuries and ill health. These statistics are essential for decision-making both within and outside government and are produced for the benefit of our society and economy as a whole.

Within the portfolio of HSE statistical publications, the annual fatal injuries publication, comprising statistics on both workplace fatal injuries and mesothelioma deaths, is probably the highest profile in terms of media and political interest.

These statistics have been accredited as National Statistics by the independent regulator the Office of Statistics Regulation, showing that they meet the highest possible standards in relation to trustworthiness, quality and value, and are fully compliant with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. Statistics, data and explanatory material are presented impartially and objectively.

Once the statistics are released, HSE statisticians have an important role in making sure that policy, press and ministerial statements continue to meet professional standards of statistical presentation, including accuracy, clarity and impartiality.

The Solution

For a fatal injury publication, this involves advising on the HSE press statement, responding to a number of Parliamentary questions and media requests, and providing extensive contribution at short notice to ministerial speeches and briefing material for a Westminster Hall debate on workplace deaths.

The Outcome

The annual fatal injury statistics are important drivers for good management of health and safety at work. They are widely disseminated, and the workplace fatal injury report itself is one of the most downloaded links across the HSE website over the period following its release. The statistics receive extensive coverage in both national and specialist media, and also in Parliament.

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