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ACT - Achieving Behaviour Change Toolkit

ACT now against unsafe, unhealthy behaviour at work

The Achieving Behaviour Change Toolkit (ACT) brings together, in one online resource, everything you need to improve the health and safety behaviours of all staff, including sub contractors and the whole supply chain. Using the toolkit helps you to achieve sustainable behaviour change, resulting in a safer working environment and a reduction in lost time injury days.

ACT is a framework that helps you structure your behaviour change initiative by taking you through a series of steps:

  • Step 1   Assess your current health and safety performance
  • Step 2   Prepare your organisation for a behaviour change initiative
  • Step 3   Identify key workplace risks and associated safe and unsafe behaviours
  • Step 4   Determine the root cause of safe and unsafe behaviours using worker involvement
  • Step 5   Create an action plan encompassing key ingredients of behaviour change
  • Step 6   Monitor, Review and Maintain change by developing an evaluation strategy

The toolkit can also be tailored to your specific circumstances and current level of health and safety performance, helping you to target resources better and avoiding wasted time and money.

ACT has been developed using the latest evidence and best practice on what does and does not work with respect to changing behaviour. HSE has a strong track record in research, training and consultancy in the field of behaviour change, so please contact us if you would like to know more about ACT or have other specific requirements.

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