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Proficiency Testing Schemes

Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes operate by providing participating laboratories with test samples for analysis. Laboratories analyse the test samples, preferably as part of their normal routine, and reports the results to the scheme organisers. They are then provided with a report showing how closely their results agree with the accepted values. Regular participation in a proficiency-testing scheme:

  • Provides staff with an insight into their laboratory's performance
  • Benchmarks performance with that of other participant laboratories
  • Demonstrates to end users of analytical data, regulatory bodies and accreditation bodies that there is a commitment to measurement quality

We regularly provide insights, event invitations, articles and resources through a free HSE Testing and Monitoring: Proficiency Testing e-bulletin service.

HSE Testing and Monitoring PT Schemes

HSE Testing and Monitoring operates the following five PT schemes in support of workplace and environmental asbestos assessments.

The schemes are open to both UK and overseas participants.  Summary information can be found on the individual PT scheme pages and in detail within the participant handbook available for each scheme.

AIMs Logo Asbestos in Materials Scheme

AISS Logo Asbestos in Soils Scheme

LACS Logo Low Asbestos Content Scheme

RICE Logo Regular Inter-laboratory Counting Exchange

SEM SEM Fibre Counting Scheme

HSE Testing and Monitoring PT Quality Control Samples

We have a wide range of QC products and services available to purchase.

HSE Testing and Monitoring PT Schemes in Partnership

AIR PT, a collaboration between HSE and LGC, is a new International PT scheme for laboratories involved in air quality analysis.

The scheme combines HSE's WASP and LGC's STACKS schemes, providing an integrated PT that is specifically designed for laboratories performing chemical analysis of air monitoring samples.

The scheme is run by LGC and is supported by the technical expertise at HSE, ensuring the test samples are as close as possible to those routinely analysed by laboratories (ambient, indoor, workplace air and stack emissions).

For more information, please click on the AIR PT balloon logo below. Here you can download the application form and scheme description, which will provide comprehensive details of the available samples and the dates for each round of the scheme.

LGC AXIOAIR PT Scheme (formerly WASP and STACKS)

For more information on our PT Schemes, please email

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