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Silica Awareness e-Learning

WHWB-UK are pleased to announce the newly developed Silica e-Learning Course is now available.

Silica exposure is a leading cause of occupational disease in regions with emerging economies and a key way of addressing the issue is improving worker education. If we can improve knowledge about simple improvements to a job, exposures can be significantly reduced.

With the widespread provision of smart phones and internet access globally WHWB-UK has developed an online e-learning tool for at risk workers that are easily viewed and downloaded.

A film with information relating to silica dust monitoring and filming of workers in Egypt is also available. The video was filmed in Egypt with Jen Galvin and Steven Verpaele.

silica whwb1silica whwb2


WHWB_UK would like to gather your opinion and feedback as a user on the recent Silica E-Learning Course.

Click the link to participate in the survey.



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