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Allergen monitoring FAQs

What sampling media should I use?

Our preferred sampling method for both personal and static samples is to use PTFE filters (Millipore 1.0um FALP02500) and IOM samplers operating at 2L.min-1. PTFE filters are preferable over GFA filters as there appears to be better and more reproducible recovery of low level proteins from PTFEs. We can supply PFTE filters if required, as well as appropriate kits for wipe sampling and dust sampling.

If you would like to request any sampling media, please contact the Allergen Monitoring Service Manager.

How should I store the samples following sampling?

Following sampling, filters should be demounted from the cassettes in a clean environment into tubes and capped ready for transportation to HSL. Wipe samples should also be sent in capped tubes. Appropriate tubes are available free of charge from HSL.

Samples should be sent for analysis as soon as possible after sampling. If this is not the possible, please follow these instructions:

Short term storage (5 days maximum): Store in fridge until ready for sending to HSL.

Long term storage: If there is a logistic reason for keeping samples longer than 5 days after sampling, we recommended that they are stored at -20C.

How do I send my samples to HSL if I am in the UK?

Please complete and include the Sample Analysis Request Form and How to Pay Form with your samples. Samples can be transported at room temperature if delivery is guaranteed within 48 hours. Samples should be packaged to Packing Instruction 650 - please follow Appendix B of our > Allergen Sampling Informationdocument.

Please send samples to: Sample Reception L2.51, Health and Safety Laboratory, Harpur Hill, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 9JN.

Please note that the delivery of samples to HSL at a weekend or UK bank holiday should be avoided.

How do I send my samples to HSL if I am not in the UK?

Samples must be sent via a courier transporting samples under UN3373. Please transport samples cool with frozen cooling packs - do not use dry ice. Customers are responsible for the appropriate importation and transportation of samples until they arrive at HSL.

Samples collected from a non-UK animal facility may be regarded by UK customs as falling under the Animal By-Products Regulation and therefore need to be imported under the current UK DEFRA licence IMP/GEN/2014/02. Please follow Appendix A of our Allergen Sampling Information document.

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