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Women in Maths Day: Celebrating our female mathematicians

Women in Maths Day aims to inspire women to celebrate their achievements in mathematics and highlight the advances and breakthroughs in the subject. HSE was proud to celebrate the day and use it as a reminder that women have a critical role in science and technology communities.

Three HSE colleagues shared their thoughts about the importance of maths in their roles:

Gillian Nicholls: Epidemiology and Predictive Modelling team

Gillian Nicholls heads up our work on the health of workers exposed to asbestos and pesticides. She leads on the  Prospective Investigation of Pesticide Applicators' Health (PIPAH) study, monitoring the health of registered pesticide workers for any emerging evidence that exposures are causing them harm.

Gillian says: "As an epidemiologist and statistician leading our long-term health studies of asbestos workers and pesticide users, I use mathematics and the transferable skills gained through mathematical training on a daily basis."

To find out more about Gillian's work see pages 19 and 33 in the 2024 HSE Annual Science Review pdf.

Gillian Nicholls

Gillian Nicholls

Jacky Jones: Statistical Analysis and Advice team

Jacky has developed and analysed our health and safety questions in the Labour Force Survey, since the early 1990s which has had a profound effect on improving our statistical knowledge. The results from the survey have clearly identified work-related ill health themes, in particular the scale and trends in work-related stress and musculoskeletal disorders, which have influenced our Protecting People and Places strategy.

Jacky says: "As a government statistician, I enjoy applying statistical techniques to compiling and analysing survey data to obtain reliable and meaningful insights. I find it immensely rewarding to know my work helps build a robust evidence base, to inform policy decisions and help keep people healthy and safe at work."

Jacky Jones

Jacky Jones

Lauren Vango: Statistical Analysis and Advice team

Lauren's main focus of work is to create international health and safety comparison statistics, and she also supports our survey activities. An important part of Lauren's role is acting as our 'presentation champion' for the  Government Statistical Service, working to improve how government statistics are presented.

Lauren explained: "Maths is fundamental to my role where I use statistical analysis to uncover stories and trends hidden within data. Knowing that this analysis is used to inform policy which helps keep workers healthy and safe is highly rewarding."

Lauren Vango

Lauren Vango

More about Women in Maths Day May 12th.



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