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New battery abuse testing facilities at the HSE Science and Research Centre

28th May 2021

HSE has commissioned new facilities for the abuse testing of lithium ion batteries at its Science and Research Centre in Buxton, Derbyshire.

With dedicated high-speed photography and thermal camera imaging, the new facilities offer immediate capacity in the UK for specialised battery abuse testing.

HSE has also invested in the expansion of their original facilities, resulting in a threefold increase in capacity.

Clients visiting the new and expanded facilities will also benefit from access to improved visitor welfare provision.

Interior of one of HSEs battery testing chambers.JPG

Above - Interior photograph of one of HSE's battery testing chambers

HSE is gaining a well-deserved reputation as the testing partner of choice in understanding the safety implications when lithium ion batteries fail.

Under the technical leadership of Jonathan Buston, HSE, through its Research and Consultancy services, is inputting to a number of key industry projects, and recently helped to successfully deliver LIBRIS, a Faraday Battery Challenge funded project led by Jaguar Land Rover, which set out to understand the implications of a phenomenon known as thermal runaway and how it can be triggered, suppressed, contained and detected.

HSE's work in LIBRIS, along with a portfolio of other battery fire research programmes, has established Jonathan and his multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers as leading authorities in lithium ion battery safety, whose knowledge is invaluable for designing-in safety as part of the safe deployment of electrified vehicle and energy storage technologies.

Exterior of one of HSEs battery testing chambers

Above - External photograph of one of HSE's battery testing chambers

Investment in UK battery abuse testing facilities will be welcome news to the industry. With the recent announcement that the UK intends to meet 78% of its net zero targets by 2035, there will be a renewed impetus to accelerate the deployment of electrification for vehicles and energy storage.

Commenting on HSE's recent investment, Jonathan Buston said: 'It's very timely. The move towards electrification, especially for transport, is gathering pace. However, for electric vehicles to be embraced by the general public, battery technology must be safe. HSE Research and Consultancy is playing a vital role in understanding how vehicle electrification be developed, scaled-up and deployed so that the switch to electric vehicles is a safe one'.

To discuss how you can benefit from access to HSE's specialist facilities for battery abuse testing, please contact Jonathan Buston by e-mailing


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