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HSE speakers at ICHS 2021

There's just under a month to go to the on-line International Conference for Hydrogen Safety (ICHS2021), the leading technical event for hydrogen safety research and development, hosted by the International Association for Hydrogen Safety (HySafe) and the Scottish Government.


Earlier this month, the UK Hydrogen Strategy was launched, which identified low-carbon hydrogen as a key element in the government's plan to build back better with a cleaner, greener energy system.

In his introduction, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, identified the need to fully understand the costs around hydrogen, its safety where it is being used in new ways and just how far it can contribute to reducing our emissions.

ICHS2021 brings together the hydrogen safety community for the 9th time and will be a truly international event. The conference programme features plenary presentations by leaders in hydrogen from across the globe as well as 139 refereed papers from the most eminent hydrogen safety experts within government, research organisations, industry and academia, including 8 papers presented by HSE scientists and engineers:

  • Experimental study of the explosion severity of vented methane/hydrogen deflagrations
    David Torrado, James Fletcher, Ed Sanderson, et al.
  • Approaches and methods to demonstrate repurposing of the UK's Local Transmission System (LTS) pipelines for transportation of hydrogen
    Adam Bannister, Zoe Chaplin, Simon Gant, et al.
  • Mitigation of CO poisoning hazard in malfunctioning gas appliances through use of hydrogen blended gas
    Mark Pursell, Doug Wagstaff, Paul McLaughlin, et al.
  • Hydrogen Wide Area Monitoring of LH₂ Releases at HSE for the PRESHLY Project
    William Buttner, Tashi Wischmeyer, Jonathan Hall, et al.
  • Condensed Phase Explosions involving Hydrogen
    Graham Atkinson
  • Experimental Parameters of Ignited Congestion Experiments of Liquid Hydrogen in the PRESLHY Project
    Kieran Lyons, Graham Atkinson, Simon Coldrick, et al.
  • An investigation into the change in leakage when switching from natural gas to hydrogen in the UK gas distribution network
    Andrew Garrison, Simon Gant.
  • Characterisation, dispersion and electrostatic hazards of liquid hydrogen for the PRESLHY project
    Jonathan Hall, Philip Hooker, Kieran Lyons, et al.

In addition to the technical sessions, the event will be opened by Stuart Hawksworth, who heads HSE's Centre for Energy and is the current president of HySafe.

HSE's Kate Jeffrey, who is also a member of HySafe's executive board will be chairing technical sessions, as will Simon Gant, who spoke alongside Stuart and Kate at HSE's recent free webinar on hydrogen safety.

Commenting on HSE's involvement in the event, Stuart Hawksworth said:

'Understanding how to safely employ hydrogen in novel applications is key to its success and acceptance by society as an energy vector to help deliver a 'safe net zero'. HSE has been working on hydrogen safety for over 20 years, and events like ICHS are a valuable platform for us to share our knowledge, learn from others and build effective relationships within the hydrogen ecosystem.

I'd encourage anyone with an interest in hydrogen safety, to get involved. By working together and building in safety, we'll stand the greatest chance of getting things right first time.'

Visit the ICHS website now to see the full conference programme and to book your online ticket.

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