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Explosion hazards group host net zero discussion meeting at the HSE Science and Research Centre

16 October 2023

Scientists from HSE are amongst a number of expert speakers addressing the UK Explosion Liaison Group (UKELG) when they convene at the HSE Science and Research Centre on the 23rd October 2023 for their 63rd discussion meeting.

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UKELG is a subject interest group, which aims to promote the understanding of all aspects of explosions, including the analysis and prevention of accidental explosions, by stimulating the informal exchange of relevant information.  Each year they organise two meetings covering all aspects of explosion and related loss prevention.

As the need to decarbonise energy technologies gathers pace, the October meeting will explore the explosion hazards of net zero technologies.

New technologies always present unexpected and challenging safety hazards and the meeting is designed to explore the science underlying the identification, mitigation and protection against explosion hazards associated with technologies proposed to meet the net zero energy challenge.

Battery safety scientist Gemma Howard and Jonathan Hall, a principal scientist specialising in explosive atmospheres, will each present findings from their work as part of the meeting's comprehensive agenda.

Fellow HSE scientist Jason Gill is a member of the UKELG organising committee. Commenting on the forthcoming event, he said:

"We are really looking forward to hosting the meeting and sharing the exciting science we are conducting within HSE.
Enabling industry to innovate safely to prevent major incidents, supporting the move towards net zero, is a strategic priority for HSE and meetings like this help us share what we know with academia, industry, consultancies and other regulators.
In turn, we are able to learn from the work of others - really valuable insight for us to remain an evidence-based and relevant regulator."

The 63rd meeting of the UKELG takes place on the 23rd October 2023 at the HSE Science and Research Centre in Buxton, Derbyshire. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in the explosion hazards of net zero technologies, including lithium ion batteries, hydrogen and the use of ammonia as a source of hydrogen.

The HSE presentations are:

"Flammable gas evolution from failing lithium ion batteries"  - Gemma Howard

"Sudden releases of hydrogen into a tunnel" - Jonathan Hall

For further details, please visit the UKELG LinkedIn page.



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