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Bespoke IP and Products

In addition to Crown Copyright materials and data derived from our services, HSE also undertakes licensing of bespoke IP and products that are generated from our work.

Examples include:

  • The Fluorescence Interactive Video Exposure System (FIVES) is a fluorescence monitoring apparatus developed by HSE to allow the measurement of dermal exposure to chemicals in the workplace.  The FIVES IP has been licensed to Safe Training Systems Limited who market the system as the 'Whole Body Surface Monitoring Fluorimeter' (SMF3).
  • The Microdrone Air Sampling System, developed and validated by HSE, can sample and detect levels of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that may be present in smoke plumes chimney emissions etc. through which an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or microdrone) may be flown.  The air sampling system is licensed to the UK microdrone suppliers, MW Power Systems Ltd.


If you have an interest in working with usto jointly develop new technologies, or wish to discuss the possibilities of licensing some of our bespoke IP, please contact

Data derived from HSE science activities

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