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MbOCA with TDI

4,4'-Methylenebis(2-chloroaniline), also known as MbOCA or MOCA, is a substance used as a curing agent in polyurethane production. It is a suspected human carcinogen and is readily absorbed through the skin.  There is a UK Biological Monitoring Guidance Value of 15 µmol/mol creatinine although recent surveys have shown that companies with good occupational hygiene control can achieve results less than 3 µmol/mol creatinine.

Polyurethane production involves the use of isocyanates, which also have a Biological Monitoring Guidance Value so we now offer a combined analysis of MbOCA with an isocyanate (TDI or MDI, please specify) in the same urine sample so that exposure to both health risks (asthma and cancer) from the process can be assessed.

Please note that a minimum of 10mL urine is required for this test. Do not send samples with less than this volume rather re-sample at another time.

Product Code: PE11684

Price: £110.00 (VAT free)


MbOCA with MDI

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