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Data-driven Insights

Live online

19 October 2021 - 19 October 2021


Businesses are collecting and using more data than ever before, presenting a valuable opportunity to use this in an innovative way to improve health and safety performance as the world of work changes.

The key to dealing with this wealth of information is to understand it and turn it to your advantage, gaining insight into the working lives of your people and your social and physical environment.

In this free webinar a panel of Health and Safety Executive experts and collaborators will present how we aim to use data and analytical techniques to provide new insights and approaches to help to reduce injuries and fatalities from workplace activity. We'll also talk through how this could be applied to your workplace and answer any questions you might have.

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Please note by registering you agree to be contacted by the organiser (Western Business Media Limited) and HSE.

All attendees will earn CPD points.


Please note that all courses must be paid for via credit card at the time of booking.

For further dates and additional information email: or contact the Training and Events Team at HSE directly on +44 (0)203 028 3704.

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