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Biosafety: Working Safely at Containment Level 3

21 October 2024 - 25 October 2024


Managing the risks that arise from deliberate work with biological agents requires that sufficient management controls are in place in order to prevent or control the potential release of a biological agent.

This course aims to provide delegates with a greater understanding of the work carried out within a microbiological Containment Level 3 (CL3) facility by introducing them to the concepts and philosophy of working with biological agents at that level of containment.

The course is designed in line with the latest version of HSE's guidance document 'Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories', which was redrafted by some of the course presenters and covers the design, management, maintenance, testing and legislative requirements associated with CL3 laboratory facilities.

It also explains the equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) required to work safely as well as provide the skills and confidence to deal with accidents and incidents.

The course is delivered using a combination of presentations and scenario-based exercises, as well as practical sessions in HSE's CL3 laboratory suite, to provide hands-on experience of the design, operation and use of such facilities.

Learning outcomes

Delegates will be provided with information that will help them to:

  • Understand the relevant legislation, guidance and industry best practice for working at CL3
  • Understand biosafety management and the safe systems of work required at CL3
  • Understand the role of HSE and the HSE inspector, including how to prepare for an inspection using insight gathered on common enforcement topics

What the course will cover

This course provides an overview of the legislation, guidance and industry best practice, biosecurity and security, hazard criteria and categorisation and microbiological risk assessment.

Delegates will look at the use of PPE, biocontainment facilities and equipment, health and safety management and code of practice. Delegates will study disinfection, sterilisation and fumigation, waste management and what makes a good accident/emergency procedure. Human factors scientists will provide an insight into how to prevent accidents and design procedures.

Delegates will also look at cabinetry and laboratory design, working practices and the use of laboratory equipment. Classroom interactive sessions will help delegates understand the importance of management arrangements and practical sessions will be used to demonstrate how to work safely in a CL3 laboratory.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at laboratory staff planning to work at CL3, safety advisors/biological safety officers, laboratory managers of CL3 facilities or as refresher training for current CL3 laboratory staff.

Previous experience of working at Containment Level 2 is assumed.

Who will present the course?

The course will be delivered by:

  • members of the Microbiology Research Team with more than 40 years combined experience in occupational health and safety, including working with Hazard Group 3 pathogens;
  • HSE microbiology specialists with responsibility for inspection of high containment laboratories who will provide an insight into regulatory and enforcement approaches;
  • human factors specialists;
  • PPE specialists; and
  • ventilation systems specialists.


This course is run at the HSE Science and Research Centre in the spa town of Buxton.

Buxton is located in the heart of the Peak District and has good links to mainline train stations and Manchester International Airport.

This course can also be tailored to provide bespoke content based on the above or other related courses, e.g. refresher courses for laboratory managers, which can be conducted either at Buxton or at the customer site.


£2,675 per person (includes course notes, lunch and refreshments).

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