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Brian Crook

Research Microbiologist

Brian Crook

Brian has worked in microbiology research in HSE for over 30 years, covering a wide range of topics from allergic respiratory disease associated with exposure to biological agents, to infection risks. The main remit of his work is to identify workplace hazards, assess risks and apply appropriate controls.

Brian regularly presents the findings of this research at national and international conferences and has published more than 100 research papers. He has also contributed to HSE guidance documents including most recently those on viral haemorrhagic fevers and on high containment laboratory biosafety.

Research Interests

  • Infection control in healthcare associated with high consequence infectious diseases
  • Evaluation of personal protective equipment to mitigate exposure to infections
  • Risks associated with Legionnaires' Disease in the built working environment
  • Laboratory biosafety and infection control

Previous Projects

  • Development of Personal Protective Equipment for use by healthcare workers treating patients with high consequence infectious diseases
  • Use of fluorescence visualisation as a training tool to support infection control
  • Allergic respiratory health risks associated with exposure to biological agents in waste and recycling
  • The use of rapid test methods for detection of Legionella bacteria in water systems
  • Workplace risks associated with zoonoses (infections spread from animals to humans)

Notable Achievements

In 2015, at the height of the Ebola disease outbreak in West Africa, Brian volunteered to spend 10 weeks working in a testing laboratory at an Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone, undertaking PCR testing on patient samples. Like all medical and laboratory volunteers, he was awarded the Ebola Medal for Service in West Africa.

From 2020 - 2021 Brian was part of the HSE PPE Technical Team that supported accessing the correct PPE for health professionals during the Covid-19 pandemic.  In 2021 the PPE Technical Team was given the Peter Isaac Award by the British Occupational Hygiene Society for "an outstanding initiative that has contributed to the reduction of ill health at work".

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