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Adam Bannister

Technical Team Lead, Engineering Materials

Adam Bannister

Adam is Technical Team Lead of the Engineering Materials Team at HSE Science Division  Buxton, where he has been since 2018. His responsibilities include conducting examinations related to incident investigations and carrying out pro-active research for HSE customers. While at HSE he has worked on projects covering the effects of hydrogen on materials performance, pipe composite wraps, remote visual inspection and a number of incident investigations.

He  is currently a council member of FESI (UK Forum on Engineering Structural Integrity), and has authored/co-authored over thirty publications in the scientific literature.

Research Interests

  • Asset integrity methods and approaches for life prediction and safety of structures
  • Integrity of onshore steel gas pipelines

Previous Projects

  • HSE-SD shared research project on the application and inspection of engineered composite repairs as applied to safety-critical pipework in on- and off-shore applications
  • H21 Gas Facing Assets: Exploring the use of up to 7 bar 100% hydrogen in the UK's gas network and developing an approach for assessing suitability of components for hydrogen service (NGN and Cadent Gas)
  • Hydrogen in the National Transmission System - Review and assessment of the effect of hydrogen on materials and components in the transmission network, including an impact assessment of standards (National Grid Gas Transmission)
  • Hydrogen in the Local Transmission System: Review and assessment of the impacts of hydrogen on the LTS pipeline asset, including risk aspects of pipeline routing and a repurposing case study on an existing pipeline (SGN)
Prior to joining HSE:
  • EU Framework IV project 'SINTAP: Structural Integrity Procedures for European Industry', Collaborative cross-industry project, 1999, project No.  BRPR950024
  • European Commission Directorate General for Research, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, 'VERAPS: Validation and Enhancement of Risk Assessment Procedures for Seismic Connections', RFCS contract number CT-2003-00035, Report EUR 22993, 2008
  • European Commission Directorate General for Research, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, 'HIPERCUT: High Performance Cut Edges in Structural Steel Plates for Demanding Applications', , RFCS contract number CT-2012-00027, Report EUR 28092, 2016

Notable Achievements

  • Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IMMM)

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