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Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) is re-branded as Solutions from HSE

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Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) is re-branded as 'Solutions from HSE'


The way that HSE supports organisations is evolving.

We have extended the HSE brand to encompass the products and services that were previously offered under Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) brand.

Extending the HSE brand helps organisations to make a better distinction between the types of support we offer.

HSE's core offer remains unchanged: we will continue to provide Guidance and Research on our main website ( to help employers to with their obligations under health and safety law.

However, we also offer a range of other products and services that organisations can invest in to further help with the management of health and safety.

These include:

  • Publications and Products - Books, tools and software to educate and protect employers and workers
  • Training and Events - Built on our unrivalled expertise as Great Britain's health and safety regulator
  • Testing and Monitoring - Large-scale testing of products, materials and processes. Laboratory-based sample analysis and exposure monitoring, and proficiency testing of third-party laboratories
  • Bespoke Research and Consultancy - Using our scientific expertise and regulatory insight to address health and safety risks, for organisations or as part of a shared research programme

Full details of products and services offered under the extended HSE brand can be found at



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