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Gas Network Hydrogen Testing Facility

A multipurpose facility suitable for testing gas network assets and appliances in the presence of hydrogen

Gas Network Hydrogen Testing Facility

HSE's Gas Network Hydrogen Testing Facility is the world's first gas network testing facility capable of working with 100% hydrogen, purpose-built by Northern Gas Networks for Phase 1a of their H21 project but now available for other work.

Key features

  • 3 gas banks (hydrogen, methane and nitrogen)
  • 4 test bays
  • Variable pressure range including Low Pressure (LP, 19-75 mbar), Medium Pressure (MP, 75 mbar-2 bar) and Intermediate Pressure (IP, 2-7 bar)
  • Flow meters for measuring gas flow and leakage
  • Integrated sensors for temperature and pressure
  • H2, O2 and CH4 gas analysers
  • Safety controls, including gas and flame detection
  • Dedicated control room

Main applications

The Gas Network Hydrogen Facility was used extensively for NGN's H21 project, a suite of gas industry projects designed to demonstrate that the gas network can safely transport hydrogen in the future. Phase 1a was designed to test a range of assets, taken from gas distribution networks across Great Britain, to provide quantifiable evidence that the UK distribution network of 2032 will be comparably as safe operating on 100% hydrogen as it currently is on natural gas.

The project reported in May 2021.

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