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HSE Testing and Monitoring helps organisations in the transport sector, whether operating by road, rail, air or sea, to identify, assess and control risks to health and safety.

To enable them to do this we provide a range of world-class facilities capable of fulfilling both standard and bespoke testing requirements.

Innovative testing we have conducted for our transport industry clients has, for example, included work to ensure the safety of future refuelling stations for hydrogen-powered cars, and the fire resistance testing of plastic fuel tanks for compliance with European Standard ECE R 34, Annex 5.

If you're based in the transport sector, find out how we can help with large-scale testing by contacting:

Helena Senior on +44 (0)203 028 1988

Impact Tracks

Impact Rail Tracks

Our 265 metre main impact track consists of a single railway with dual rails (outer and inner gauge)which run down profiled banks on either side of a valley into a flat impact area at the valley floor.
The track can be used for impact testing, collision testing, shock testing, high strain rate testing, wire rope testing and other compressive or tensile tests.

The main railway impact track has a 4MJ maximum impact energy rating.

Railtrack Explosion

Explosives Railway and Tunnel Facility

For the purposes of testing rail transport security and understanding incident consequence, we possess a section of railway, a train and a tunnel representative of those found on underground/metro rail systems.

JCB Tractor

Fuel Tank Test Facility

HSE Testing and Monitoring is able to test vehicle fuel tanks for resistance to petrol fires in accordance with the requirements of UN ECE Regulation 34.

Small Venting Battery

Battery Safety Facility

Used to study the risks arising from battery manufacture, transport, storage and use, our battery safety chamber is a purpose-built enclosure with a separate control room from which our battery testing specialists can initiate and monitor the failure of cell and battery packs.

For full details, click here.

Cryogenic Release Facility

Cryogenic Release Pad

Our Cryogenic Release Facility provides the ability to perform metered and instantaneous releases of both liquid nitrogen (LN) and liquified natural gas (LNG) for consequence modelling.

Electrostatic Fluid Flow Facility

Electrostatic Fluid Flow Facility

This large-scale facility can be used for measuring electrostatic charge generation on liquids and components (including composites) during fluid flow.

Hydrogen Storage and Release Facility

Hydrogen Storage and Release Facility

This facility consists of a manifold system for hydrogen, and purge gas cylinder packs. Each vessel provides 1000 bar storage and has a 50 litre capacity.

Gas Guns

Gas Gun(s)

Our 25mm bore gas gun can test projectile masses typically ranging from 1g to 1kg at speeds up to Mach 1, with the potential for more depending upon requirements. The gas gun enclosure has two ports for high speed video that can enable co-efficient of restitution calculations.

This facility can be used for test coupons, whilst a large enclosure also allows us to test components.

General Engineering Laboratory

Multi-Purpose Engineering Laboratory
(inc. Strong Floor)

Our Engineering Laboratory houses a range of test equipment including: 50t/150t/250t universal test machines; a Rosand impact machine, and a strong floor.

This equipment is suitable for benchmarking materials and for small component testing.

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