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Fire and Explosion

HSE Testing and Monitoring is fully equipped and qualified to deliver safe, reliable fire testing and blast testing for your business.

Our purpose-built fire and explosion test facilities at the HSE Science and Research Centre are complemented by innovative consultancy, underpinned by our expertise and experience of testing to British and international standards.

We provide testing dates throughout the year, along with a flexible 'can-do' approach that enables us to meet your fire and explosion testing needs whether standard or bespoke.

For more information about our fire and explosion test facilities, or to discuss your requirements, please contact:

Helen Bugg on +44 (0)203 028 1987

Jet Fire

Pre-certification Jet Fire Facility

Our unique small-scale jet fire facility offers a quick, low-cost way to conduct product development for PFP materials and screening systems that will later undergo ISO 22899-1 jet fire testing.

The facility recreates heat flux and erosion conditions similar to those experienced during jet fire tests and can run for up to 3 hours per sample.

Horizontal Jet Fire

Horizontal Jet Fire Facility

Independently certified by Lloyd's Register as compliant with design and safety regulations, this purpose-built facility tests the jet fire resistance of PFP materials to BS ISO 22899-1 and BS ISO 22899-2 standards.

It enables standard and bespoke testing of a wide range of samples such as panels, pipe penetration seals, cable transits and cables.

Fire Proof Resistance Testing

Fire Proof/Resistance Testing

We offer three brand new burners (one propane and two liquid fuel), including the latest 'NexGen' burner from the USA's Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In our dedicated Burn Hall, we provide aerospace clients with independent and flexible engineering and certification tests to ISO 2685 and AC 20-135 standards.

Burn Hall

Burn Hall

This versatile site is used for a variety of fire testing purposes by commercial clients in different industry sectors.

Our state-of-the-art Burn Hall features an independent capture tank and drainage and contains facilities for fire testing aerospace components to
ISO 2685 and FAA AC 20-135 standards.

Dispersion Facility

Dispersion and Fire Facility

This dedicated facility lends itself to a range of specialist research and testing purposes, such as vapour cloud formation research (including cryogens); warehouse fires research; liquid spray fire testing and microbiological decontamination tests.

High Pressure Combustor

High Pressure Combustor Facility

Utilising a Rolls-Royce 'Tay' combustor can and operating with either liquid or gaseous fuels (e.g. kerosene or methane), a combustion flame can be generated at very high pressures and temperatures: typically up to 70 bar and 2000 K.
This high presssure jet release can be used for a range of testing and research.

Pool of fire

Pool Fire Facilities

Our various Pool Fire test pads and sites can be used to perform pool fire experimentation that enables you to understand the consequences of system or equipment failure, and can also be used for the testing and development of new technologies.

Cryogenic Release Facility

Cryogenic Release Facility

Our Cryogenic Release Facility provides the ability to perform metered and instantaneous releases of both liquid nitrogen (LN) and liquified natural gas (LNG) for consequence modelling.

Deflagration and Detonation Arrestor Pipeline

Deflagration and Detonation
Arrestor Pipeline Facility

This facility consists of two rigs: an in-line rig and an end-of-line rig, and can be used to investigate and test explosion arrestors and high velocity vents.

Dust Explosion

Dust Explosion Test Facility

This is used to study the behaviour and control of dust explosions in the types of vessels and pipes found on industrial plant. Our facility comprises several test pads where large-scale dust explosion tests can be conducted using enclosed, vented and interconnected vessel systems. Adjacent control buildings house equipment to control, monitor and log data of the explosions, typically measuring pressure, temperature and noise.

JCB Tractor

Fuel Tank Test Facility

HSE Testing and monitoring is able to test vehicle fuel tanks for resistance to petrol fires in accordance with the requirements of UN ECE Regulation 34.

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