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Explosives Testing

HSE Testing and Monitoring offers comprehensive services for the testing and analysis of explosive, energetic and hazardous materials.

We can help you to assess the quality and reliability of these materials, to provide necessary guidance and reassurance in respect of their safe manufacture, transportation, storage and use.

Our explosive testing services ensure not only that you manage explosives risks appropriately and avoid workplace accidents, but also that you are compliant with applicable health and safety regulations.

Find out how we can help you with explosives testing by contacting:

Helena Senior on +44 (0)203 028 1988


Hazmat and Explosives Testing

Hazardous Materials
and Explosives Testing

We possess a suite of facilities and techniques that enable our clients to test, understand and benchmark the properties of explosive and hazardous materials.

Explosives Mechanical Sensitiveness Testing

Explosives Mechanical Sensitiveness

We are able to quantify the relative ease with which an explosive or other energetic material may be initiated or ignited by mechanical stimuli (i.e. impact or friction).

Our facility comprises a laboratory of testing equipment that complies with UK, UN and EC requirements, a sample preparation room and a storage room.

Railtrack explosion

Explosives Railway and Tunnel Facility

For the purposes of testing rail transport security and understanding incident consequence, HSE Testing and monitoring possesses a section of railway, a train and a tunnel representative of those found on underground/metro rail systems.

Test Pad

Test Pads

HSE Testing and monitoring has outdoor test pads that have been approved for use with all forms of explosives.

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