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Defence and Security

HSE Testing and monitoring recognises the challenges faced by organisations in the defence and security sector when tasked with assessing and controlling risks and protecting the health and safety of personnel.

We offer defence and security organisations a range of dedicated engineering, test and evaluation facilities supported by the widest skills base of any UK health and safety organisation.

Examples of large-scale test and evaluation work we have conducted for defence and security clients includes impact testing of materials and equipment; the measurement and risk control of explosions and testing the suitability of Personal Protective Equipment for use in hazardous environments.

To find out more about our test capabilities for defence and security, please contact:

Helena Senior on +44 (0)203 028 1988

Hazmat and Explosives Testing Hazardous Materials and Explosives Testing
Explosives Mechanical Sensitiveness

Explosives Mechanical Sensitiveness

HSE Testing and monitoring can help you to quantify the relative ease with which an explosive or other energetic material may be initiated or ignited by mechanical stimuli (i.e. impact or friction).

Our facility comprises a laboratory of testing equipment that complies with UK, UN and EC requirements, a sample preparation room and a storage room.

Explosives Railtrack

Explosives Railway and Tunnel Facility

For the purposes of testing rail transport security and understanding incident consequence, we possess a section of railway, a train and a tunnel representative of those found on underground/metro rail systems.

High Pressure Combustor

High Pressure Combustor Facility

Utilising a Rolls-Royce 'Tay' combustor can and operating with either liquid or gaseous fuels (e.g. kerosene or methane), a combustion flame can be generated at very high pressures and temperatures: typically up to 70 bar and 2000 K.

This high presssure jet release can be used for a range of testing and research.

Small Venting Battery

Battery Safety Facility

Used to study the risks arising from battery manufacture, transport, storage and use, our battery safety chamber is a purpose-built enclosure with a separate control room from which our battery testing specialists can initiate and monitor the failure of cell and battery packs.

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Gas Guns

Gas Gun(s)

Our 25mm bore gas gun can test projectile masses typically ranging from 1g to 1kg at speeds up to Mach 1, with the potential for more depending upon requirements. The gas gun enclosure has two ports for high speed video that can enable co-efficient of restitution calculations.

This facility can be used for test coupons, whilst a large enclosure also allows us to test components.

General Engineering Laboratory

Multi-Purpose Engineering Laboratory
(inc. Strong Floor)

Our Engineering Laboratory houses a range of test equipment including: 50t/150t/250t universal test machines; a Rosand impact machine, and a strong floor.

This equipment is suitable for benchmarking materials and for small component testing.

Test Pads

Test Pads

HSE Testing and monitoring has outdoor test pads that have been approved for use with all forms of explosives.

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