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Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels

HSE  is fully equipped to enable organisations to test, measure and evaluate the safety and performance of hydrogen and alternative fuel-based systems.

Our scientists and technicians are experienced in the research and assessment of the hazards associated with hydrogen, alternative fuels, gases and vapours. We can help with bespoke research and testing projects, providing expert instrumentation, measurement and analysis services to your requirements.

Get more information about our Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels testing services by contacting:

Martin Thomson on +44 (0)203 028 2096

Hydrogen Storage and Release Facility

Hydrogen Storage and Release Facility

This facility consists of a manifold system for hydrogen, and purge gas cylinder packs. Each vessel provides 1000 bar storage and has a 50 litre capacity.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Facility

Clients can use this facility to investigate the performance and safety of combined cycle gas turbine systems (including heat recovery systems) and operation on novel fuels.

300 m3 Multi-purpose Test Chamber

300m3 Multi-Purpose Test Chamber

Designed to operate at high pressure, this 300m3 test facility is fitted with a measurement and ventilation system and can be filled with water to an approximate depth of 10m.

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