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The Safety Climate Tool

Our Safety Climate Tool gives you a unique insight into your organisation's safety culture, and evidence-based suggestions for improving it.

Whatever the industry you work in or the size of your organisation, the Safety Climate Tool gives you an objective measure of your safety culture - the 'way things are done' in your organisation when it comes to health and safety - as the starting point for improvement.SCT Online image

Using a simple, online questionnaire, the Safety Climate Tool explores your employees' attitudes and perceptions in key areas of health and safety, while guaranteeing anonymity.

The Tool then generates a written report, and provides hints and tips that help you improve your organisation's safety culture.

The Safety Climate Tool is:

  • easy to use, with a wizard to guide you, step-by-step
  • now available in a range of languages
  • able to be tailored to your organisation, with bespoke branding and additional questions.

HSL is a part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and the Safety Climate Tool is a revised, validated version of the respected HSE Climate Survey Tool.

The Safety Climate Tool is trusted by organisations of all sizes, across all industry sectors.



Benefits of using the Safety Climate Tool

Using the Tool helps you benchmark your performance against similar organisations.

It shows you where to target your resources, and gives you a baseline to measure the improvements you make to your safety culture.

It helps raise the profile of health and safety in your organisation, and show that you take it seriously.

And with our specialist knowledge of organisational safety culture, we can help you at every stage, from preparing and running your survey, to analysing and acting on the results.

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